Note: an Arms Inventory shouldn't be confused with the Reel Inventory which is simply a line attached to and wound around the Arms Inventory.

The Arms Inventory used by Yuri Zahard

The Arms Inventory (암스 인벤토리, ahmseu inbentori, "Arms Inventory") is one of the three major kinds of inventories in the Tower. It is used for storing weapons. Similar to a Pocket, it has a Visible Mode and an Invisible Mode. Grades of Arms Inventories also exist.


Arms Inventory is the basic armament used by all Fishermen, but it is not restricted from use by other Positions. Arm Inventories can store different items such as needles, swords, hooks and bombs depending weapons that wield a person.[1] Besides their basic function of storing items, Inventories may possess additional features such as a cloaking function that renders one's equipment unseen to the naked eye.[2] Inventories with additional features are items even a Ranker would find difficult to obtain.[2]

A Carrier is a special type of Arms Inventory that combines the functions of a Pocket, a Lighthouse and a Pipe. This allows a Fisherman to fill any position, although it actually isn't very practical.[3]

It is worthy to note that amongst the 13 Month Series created by legendary craftsmaster Ashul Edwaru, the Rainbow Undecimber is an Arms Inventory.[4]


Some of the characters who have been shown with an Arms Inventory are Ha Yuri Zahard, Mule Love, Lero-Ro, Chang Blarode, Ja Wangnan, Lo Po Bia Elaine, Lo Po Bia Shilial Zahard, Charlie, Boro and Androssi Zahard.



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