Armor Inventories (아머 인벤토리, ahmeo inbentori) are a series of items used to store equipment and also serve as a protection tool. They are made of high purity Suspendium, so they can float.


Armor Inventories are mobile armours that neutralise attacks from an enemy. It can also store items.[1]

Like several other items at the Tower, Armor Inventories possesses a rank assigned to it. Besides their basic function of storing items and serving as an extra layout for defence, Armor Inventories may possess additional features.

Armor Inventories are considered to be expensive items for Regulars [2][1]. Because of that, it is unusual to see a Regular in possession of an Armor Inventory.

Known Users

Notes and Trivia

  • Khun's Armour Inventory is an item that has a 'level limit' on it. It can only be used in places above a certain level.[3]




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