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Genius Swordsman Arie Inieta[1] (천재 검 인간 아리에 이니에타, Cheonjae Gim Ingang Arieh Inieta) is a D-rank Regular, one of Ten Bosses and a subordinate of Kaiser at the Name Hunt Station.

Appearance and Personality

Inieta is a tanned-skinned youthful looking guy with white hair and similar coloured eyes. His long hair is tied into a ponytail. Like many members of his family, Inieta wears the traditional white robes with his two swords fastened to his left side.

Inieta is a very confident Regular and, despite holding some loyalty to his superior, he is willing to go against orders to satisfy his own battle-lust.

He appears to hate direct line descendant of the 10 Great Families and thinks they all look down on him. He dislikes things like direct lines and legitimacy.

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Inieta arrived at the Name Hunt Station around a hundred years ago prior the beginning of the series, in order to fight against a "really strong warrior", which turned out to be Kaiser. Inieta fought Kaiser and lost against her because of her unique ability as an Anima, as a result Inieta ended up trapped at the Station. Eventually, Inieta secured a place as one of the Ten Bosses of the station. While fighting against Rak he states that there have only ever been two people to last as long as him in a sword fight, during his stay at the station.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The 'Name Hunt' Station

Due to Jyu Viole Grace's attempt to uproot the Name Hunt Station, Kaiser issued to the remaining Ten Bosses to "absolutely not fall for the enemy's provocation, and to keep themselves completely hidden until the festival is finished as Kaiser would deal personally against Jyu Viole Grace". However, Inieta decided to disobey Kaiser's order and decided to join the fight.

On his search to find Jyu Viole Grace, he encountered the "Real Monster" Rak Wraithraiser. After Rak's followers fled in fear, Rak challenged Inieta to battle and the two began fighting with Inieta holding the advantage. In the midst of the battle Yeon Yihwa and Hong Danhwa intervenes in order to help Rak. However such intervention granted Inieta the victory as he stole Krishna. Following the capture of Rak, Yihwa and Danhwa Inieta demanded to Kaiser possession of the "Alligator", which Kaiser refused as she intends to use the hostages at the auction in order to threaten Jyu Viole Grace.

During the events of the Festival Inieta was tasked to guard a section of the maze at the third entrance that leads to the hostage's area. A team formed by Edin Dan, Khun Ran, Xia Xia and an unnamed female regular decided to infiltrate the maze, however, they were noticed by Inieta. As Xia Xia’s lighthouse reveals Arie Inieta approaching, Khun Ran decided to face the swordsman alone while the infiltration team goes further down the road.

Powers and Abilities

Inieta is a powerful D-rank Regular, being considered the most powerful of the Ten Bosses at the Name Hunt station.[2] Because of his skills Inieta is the only one of the Ten Bosses Kaiser acknowledges. [3]

Arie Swordsmanship: Being a descendant of the Arie Family, Inieta is a practitioner of Arie swordsmanship.[2] Swords wielded with Arie swordsmanship are considered to have no blind spots and there are no good techniques to counteract this style.[4][5] Inieta possesses two swords on hand, but he has only been seen wielding one at a time. Although Inieta is not a direct descendant of Arie Hon, he is naturally strong with a blade. His swordsmanship is not an exact copy of their direct ancestor's, but still talented.[6]

Notes and Trivia


  • (To Rak Wraithraiser) "I don't think you are realize who you are up against. Still, it's fun facing off against guys like you. No one who says they enjoy fighting is ever dignified before death. I enjoy seeing them struggle and beg for their lives."[2]
  • (To Khun Ran) "This is why I hate facing direct line guys!! They are so uptight for no reason!! Now, I really want to destroy you!! More than anything else, I can't stand things like direct lines and legitimacy!! Whenever I see stupid crap like that!! I want to smash them to bites!!"[7]



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