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The Arie Family (아리에 가문, Alie Gamun) is one the Ten Great Families and its head is Arie Hon. It is currently the most famous family, mostly due to Arie Hon being the strongest of the 10 Great Warriors. It has produced an extremely powerful Princess, Arie Hagipherione Zahard. They take great pride in being the most famous of the 10 families.[1]

As of now, they control Floors 100~95, 93~91, 79 and 78.[2][3]

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Arie Swordsmanship

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Head of the Family

The Arie Family is well known for its use of swords and their unique sword techniques, which makes it possible to use swords in very dense Shinsoo. Swords wielded with Arie swordsmanship have no blind spots and there are no good techniques to counteract this style.[4][5] The only ways to definitively overcome a user of Arie swordsmanship is to either overpower them with sheer force, attack them before they are ready or be better at Arie swordsmanship than them.[5]

Arie Family Altar

Arie Family Altar

This swordsmanship style is taught only to selected main family members, Adori Zahard and Adori Zahard's Royal Guards.[1][2][3] In order to use Arie swordsmanship techniques one must be a lineal descendant of a member of the Arie Family. No matter how skilled a person may be, if they do not possess the blood of the Arie Family they can't use the Arie's style of swordsmanship.[6] More precisely, one can learn the techniques, but never use them as proficiently as a member of the Arie Family would.[7]

Notes and Trivia

  • Members of the Arie Family are known for their white hair.[1][2][3]
  • Currently, there is only one Zahard Princess in the whole family (branch families included). It is rumoured that this is a curse from the very first Zahard Princess, Arie Horn Zahard.[2][3] Season 2 Chapter 219 rendered this piece of information obsolete.
  • The Arie Family has a brother-like relationship with the Ari Family but also has rivalries with the Koon Family and the Ha Family.[2][3] According to Arie Hon, only these two families can compare with his own.[8]
    • The Arie Family fights over control of 80~90 Floors with the Koon Family.[2][3]
    • Even though they are rivals with Koon Family members, the Heads are actually quite close to each other.[2][3]
  • Hoaqin's four techniques, Flame of the Dead, Rise of the Dead, Wake of the Dead, and Phantom Sword of the Dead show traits of Arie Swordsmanship although it is unknown if they are considered Arie swordsmanship techniques or merely Hoaqin's own exploits.
  • Because of the unique aspects of the Arie Swordsmanship, a female member of the Koon Family suggested that, if one must face a member of the Arie Family, instead of dodging and figuring out the patterns of the sword, one must withstand the slashes with their body and strike back with an even more powerful attack.[9]
  • Arie Family is the family with the most stringent rules when it comes to bloodline.[10]
  • The Arie Family is related to the Ari Family, however, the members of the Ari Family does not use swords but instead, they use Needles.[11]
  • The direct descendants of Arie Family are quite few, so that a chance to meet face to face with them is fairly small.[12]



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