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The Ari Family (아리 가문, Ali Gamun) is one of the 10 Great Families. The Ari Family is related to the Arie Family. The head of the Ari Family is Ari Han. It is known that this family does not like war and will do everything they can to prevent it.[2]

Known Members

High Rankers

Notes and Trivia

  • The Ari Family is related to the Arie Family, and they don't normally use real swords in combat like the Arie Family but instead, they use Needles.[2]
  • The Ari Family is also related to the direct line of the Ha Family, as the Ari Family Leader had two daughters, twins, with the Ha Family Leader, her only children. Thus making the two the center of the Ha Family and progenitors to all of the current day Ha Family members of the direct line and its branch families.[3]
    • Due to the twins not being in good terms with each other and both declaring themselves as Ha Yurin's rightful heir of the Ha family and fighting against each other, the Ari Family is also known to get mixed up in their conflict due to being their paternal relatives.[3]
  • The Ari family uses needles, but possess special guardian swords unique to each individual. Any member from the Ari Family has their own special guardian sword.[4]



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