Ari Bright Sharon (아리 브라이트 샤론, Ali Beulaiteu Syalon) is a High Ranker from the Ari Family. She is the Commander of the 1st Division of Kallavan's 4th Army Corp of Zahard's Army[1] and is a Second Tier Servant of Kallavan.

Appearance and Personality

Ari Bright Sharon has fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a red cape over a white outfit.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station


Ari Bright Sharon arrives at the 44th Floor with the 1st Division of the 4th Army Corp together with vice Commander Elpathion. She went with Khul Nissam Kay to greet Princess Yuri and introduce herself. She rejects Yuri's idea of going easy on the captured regulars as she stated that she's simply following the orders of Kallavan. Yuri asked her to be a part of the operation, and Sharon replies that she has to tell Elpathion about it.

After one of the warships exploded, a new group emerged from it and started causing mayhem. Vice Commander of 4th Army Corp, Elpathion, identified Evankhell as one of the attackers and moved in to confront her, with Ari Bright Sharon following at his side. Elpathion gave the command to subdue the runaway Ruler of the Second Floor. Sharon mobilized troops from her Division, personally took on the role of Fisherman, and started the attack. Using support from Spear Bearer Shakhul, she destroyed Evankhell's sword. Then she and Elpathion blitzed Evankhell together, but to no avail.

Powers and Abilities

Ari Bright Sharon favors a Needle in combat. She has displayed an extreme level of skill in using her needle when fighting against Evankhell, with the latter praising her abilities with the weapon.

Ari Style Needle Lethal Move - Fairy Light (아리식 니들 살인기 - 페어리 라이트, Ari-sik Nideul Saringi - Peeori Raiteu): A needle technique where after focusing shinsoo on the needle, the user rushes towards the enemy, leaving a trail and rippling waves of shinsoo behind. Sharon used this technique to quickly attack Evankhell in order to break her weapon.[2]

Ari Bright Sharon's Guardian Sword - Marine Fairy Swords (아리 브라이트 샤론의 수호검 마린 페어리 소드, Ali Beulaiteu Syalon-ui Suhogeom - Marin Peeori Sodeu): This is a special technique of a member of the Ari Family. This ability creates many swords out of shinsoo, which then rapidly strike down at the enemy.[2]

Notes and Trivia

  • She is most likely have a basic position as a Spear Bearer (although it wasn't confirmed in the chapter), but given her ability behavior to shoot many deadly shinshoo needles from long range distance, making her identical to those of spear bearers. And the fact that she stated; that due to the absence of Squadron Commander Kallavan (who is a Fisherman) in preparing the attacking formation, she will replace his place and took a Fisherman position role[2], indicating that she "switched position" to become Fisherman, which really isn't her basic position in the first place, which could explain her spear bearer-like behavior.


  • (To Evankhell) "Ari Family will do whatever we can to prevent wars."[2]
  • (To Baam) "I feel some intense power coming from that red thing. Now I understand why the vice squadron commander gave us order to eliminate you. It's time to get rid of you."[3]


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