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Antimatter Bomb (반물질 폭탄, Banmuljil Pogtan)[1] is a type of Shinsu Bomb that was created by Sophia Amae as a "control policy" for Living Ignition Weapon subjects in case they turn into worst weapon or enemies, and also to prevent the subjects getting "out of control".[1] Basically it is a weapon that will "disable" their power temporarily for some period of time. This is a weapon to control the subjects.

Antimatter Bomb was first displayed by Ja Wangnan when he fought Beniamino Cassano at the Train City Skyscraper Platform. Wangnan said that the Antimatter Bomb was given to him by Doctor Sophia in order to help capturing Cassano himself.[1]

When the Living Ignition Weapon subjects took direct hit of Antimatter Bomb, their body gets gradually weakened as the bomb destroys the subject's body which is composed of the Ignition Liquid and the living devil inside their bodies.[1]

There are still much information that has not been revealed by Author SIU.

Appearances and Design

The physical appearance of Antimatter Bomb container didn't look much different than normal Shinsu Bomb. But it looks like a smoke bomb when it was activated or the container was opened.

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