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Ren unleashes his Shinheuh on Yuri Zahard.

Anima (부리미, Boorimi; or "Charmer") is a Special Position and refers to someone who subjugates (부림, boorim; "to make someone into a servant") and controls Shinheuh and other creatures to do their bidding.[1][2] As Anima is a special position which is not a standalone position but an additional role, every Anima also have at least one of the five primary position.[2] An Anima is quite rare, even among Rankers.


Unlike many other special positions, it's not a skill that anyone can learn, but instead requires a natural talent.[1][2] The skill to subjugate a creature existed before the 10 Families entered the Tower although, at some point, the Lo Po Bia Family acquired the skill.[3] Not everyone from the Lo Po Bia Family is an Anima, but they all have the potential and a few Lo Po Bia elites have abilities that are on a whole new level from standard Anima.[3]

By subjugating creatures, one can get information or use the creature and its abilities directly in battle.[1][2]


Illustration how Shinheuh move from one bowl to another bowl

Shinheuh can be compressed and stored in bowls (그릇, geureut).[1][2] Later, in NAVER official chapter release, SIU use the term fishbowl (어항 , eohang).[4]

In order to control a creature, the Anima must use a Bowl. Bowls are spaces that an Anima uses to control a subjugated creature. This is accomplished through a special kind of Shinsu.[4] The container that an Anima employs as a bowl may vary from a simple jar to an entire chamber. An Anima can fill the bowl and store their subjugated creatures inside. According to SIU, bowls are usually best when they are portable and the Shinsu must be changed regularly to maintain control over the user's creature.[3] So far, Metalfish and Fenryl are the only known creatures that do not require a bowl in order to control them.[5]



Since the user manipulates subjugated creatures to do their bidding, the Anima's greatest weakness is none other than the user.[4] By taking care of the Anima, one also may defeat the subjugated creature in the process. Also, since an Anima always needs a bowl in order to control a creature, one may be able to destroy the bowl or alter the Shinsu in the bowl to break the control over the subjugated creature.[4]

Known Anima



Alternative Translations

  • Subjugator
  • Breeder (LINE)



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