Angel (엔젤, Enjel), whose birth name is Raguel (라구엘, Laguel), is a Regular who is a former member of Rachel's group. She helped in their effort to steal the Hell Train. She is an "Angel" of Mad Dog Buelsar Elliot.


Young Angel with her mother

Her mother speaking to her

Angel was the illegitimate child of a Ranker of the 10 Great Families.[2] When the Ranker abandoned her mother, her mother saw Angel as a burden and eventually sold her off to some men for a "good price".[2] At some point afterwards she joined FUG.

Appearance and Personality

Angel is a fair-skinned girl with very long orange hair that falls down to her knees and blue eyes; her hair formerly had blue tips. She is also able to sprout a pair of small angel-like wings from her back.

She has a sadistic personality, being willing to kill anyone by "eating them", and is also someone who is not afraid to speak her mind. Angel also seems to be quite vain. Buelsar off-handedly notes that she has mental issues.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


Angel was first seen with the rest of Rachel's group as they prepared their plans for the Hell Train. While they were all conversing, she called out Daniel and said she didn't like him because he acted like he knew everything.

Revolution Road

Angel then appeared in Train City, accompanied by the rest of the team, and wondered where their peers were.

Later on, when the group entered the Entrance floor and were stopped by the guardian, she began to question Daniel's abilities and teamwork when he began battling the guardian. However, after seeing him fight, she became aware of his power but was a little annoyed when it turned out Daniel had the remote and simply switched Mirotic off. With the guardian gone, the group travelled through the gate where they encountered a red mechanical bird that told them it would navigate them to the Hell Express which was at the top of the stairs. Once at the top, they all witnessed the train's immense size. Suddenly Poro Poe arrived, greeting Daniel and telling Rachel's group that they would leave once Ha Yura arrived as the administrator was only helping them due to Ha Yura.

  • Angel readying to challenge Hwa Ryun

Angel later got a text from Daniel, telling her to come down and help Yura who was being chased by Hwa Ryun. After flying down the stairs, Angel encountered and then engaged Hwa Ryun, allowing Yura to escape, before informing the Guide about how Emile was able to confuse and distort her ability to see paths. Angel then quickly overwhelmed the Guide with her metalfish and was about to kill her until Daniel came racing up and told her to take Hwa Ryun as a hostage as well as to keep her guard up since the Slayer candidate was chasing them. Angel said it was a shame and then commanded one of her metalfish to attack the approaching Viole. Viole was initially put on the back foot by the metalfish's abilities until he used a special attack to take them out, surprising her. Daniel and some past acquaintances then have a brief bitter reunion, ending with Daniel destroying the stairs allowing them both the escape to the platform.

At the platform, Angel witnessed Viole meeting Rachel and Cassano fighting two people. When Viole became manic, she wondered what the Mad Dog was doing. Daniel then told her to escape onto the Train now Yura had opened the door causing her to fly over to Cassano and retrieve him, whilst attacking Yihwa with her metalfish. Angel, riding her metalfish along with Cassano, then retrieved Mad Dog from his brief fight with Viole and then rode to the door of the Train. Before they entered the Train, she slightly parried a last ditch attack from the Koon brothers which sailed past them into the Train.

She was with the rest of Rachel's group as they walked down "Revolution Road" that led into the Train.


She was with the group as they overcame a maths puzzle and helped in defeating Bloomer guardian in order to free Hoaqin's first part. Afterwards, they left the room and ran into Yeon Yihwa and Ja Wangnan who proceeded to attack them, however Hoaqin made quick work of the latter. After capturing the two, the group then passed the 36th Floor stage of the train.

Wooden Horse

As the Hell Express headed for the 37th Floor station, Angel complained about being inside the train and added that Hoaqin was crazy. When Wangnan asked why they were freeing Hoaqin, Angel skirted the question. However when Yihwa called her out, Angel rounded on her and retorted with the despicable acts that the 10 Families committed.

When the train came under fire, she and the Mad Dog went out to see what the problem was. Nevertheless, they were soon teleported elsewhere within the train, confusing them. They then decided to get on their way and meet up with their allies eventually.

A Month

She and Buelsar eventually encountered Rak, Bero Bero and her team and quickly began fighting with them. However, they were stopped with the arrival of Vicente who chided their actions. Mad Dog then asked why Vicente was with Ja Wangnan and Yeon Yihwa, with Angel adding they were enemies, but Vicente instead defended the two and threatened Mad Dog and Angel. However, before anything could come of it, Hoaqin arrived and contently reunited with his sibling. The two siblings conversed briefly before clashing, with Hoaqin telling them to attack. However due to the actions of Wangnan and Yihwa, their enemies escaped much to Hoaqin's great annoyance.

A month later, she and the rest of the group arrived at the 4th stage well in time for the game to begin.

The Dallar Show

She watched as Team Hoaqin lost the first round of the Dallar Show game.

  • Facing off against Yeon Yihwa

In the second round game, "Transferring the sweetfish", she was partnered with the Buelsar. They eventually encountered Bero Bero, Yihwa and Hongjo and readied to attack but were slowed by a blast of fire from Yihwa. As Bero's team went bouncing around the room, Angel attempted to skewer Yihwa but was blocked by Hongjo. Angel then got the privilege to attack Yihwa once again and the two clashed. Acknowledging Yihwa's power, Angel 'opened up her wings' and readied to fight Yihwa properly. She then relentlessly attacked Yihwa, overwhelming the Yeon Family member. Getting bored with Yihwa's performance, Angel skewered Hongjo and mercilessly stood on top of his body, eliciting a threatening response from Yihwa. Yihwa erupted and became engulfed in flames, before then attacking Angel with devastating fire. Angel realised the power Yihwa was currently holding and began attacking more furiously but was overwhelmed Yihwa's flames. Getting blazingly incapacitated by the intensity of Yihwa's flames, Angel derisively scorned Yihwa but before the latter could finish her off she was interrupted by Bero Bero.

Angel participated as a hostage during the final round of the Dallar Show called, "Go To Hell". In this game, hostages from each team would be used and the two leaders, Hoaqin and Jyu Viole Grace, would use their dallars to either save or forsake the lives of their hostages. Angel was the hostage during the fourth turn of the game, being saved by Jyu Viole Grace. She, along with the Mad Dog, was later taken by Chang Blarode.

Powers and Abilities

Angel is quite a powerful combatant, most likely stemming from the blood of one of the 10 Great Families that she possesses.[2] She has shown the ability to fly by forming a pair of angelic wings from her back.[3] Angel is capable of summoning a yellow energy-like trident and wields it with a decent level of skill;[4] a yellow energy-like halo forms over her head when she summons the trident.[4] Angel has shown herself to have a relatively high level of durability being able to endure Yeon Yihwa's flame attacks without too much trouble.[5]

Super Form: Angel can go into a form of increased power by 'opening up her wings'. In this state her wings grow to a much larger size, her halo grows in size, her trident emits flame-like energies from its pole and her eyes glow an intense blue and flicker with electricity-like energy. In this state she can launch powerful yellow blasts of energy.[6] She can apparently form four baangs in this state.[5]

A2 - Angel

Angel and her "metalfish"

Metalfish:[4] Angel is able to summon and control metallic flying fish-like shinheuh. These creatures try to gobble up everything they see and can chew through hard, heavy substances, even diamonds.[4] They are able to protrude spikes from their body.[4] Hers are strong enough to easily carry multiple people on its back. According to SIU, they are special because they do not require a bowl.[4]


  • (To Team Rachel) "I'm not like that when there are pretty clothes or handsome guys around. Well I get sick of all of them in the end. So, just eating them is a better option."[7]
  • (To Hwa Ryun) "I'm glad that you are not a handsome man. I think it would be okay to eat you. Cause I really hate pretty girls."[8]
  • (To Hwa Ryun) "If you die here, your friends will do whatever it takes to come after us, won't they? It makes me excited just by thinking about it."[9]
  • (To Yeon Yihwa) "The sword we are aiming toward this Tower maybe a lethal weapon to ten families, but to some people, it'a a scalpel that cuts out the rotten parts of the Tower. Take a proper look at the world, you spoiled little brat."[10]
  • (To Yeon Yihwa) "Many idiots praise the 10 Great Families and follow them around. Ah- how pathetic. People like you make me sick. Those dogs who accept false power and authorities. I just wanna kill you all."[11]

Notes and Trivia

  • She can be seen licking her lips often.
  • Angel is seemingly always hungry, but her hunger apparently goes away when she's around pretty clothes and handsome men. In the end, however, she ends up eating them, because she gets sick of them all.[12]
  • Her birth name, "Raguel", is the name of an angel in the Judaic traditions. This angel's name is thought to mean "Friend of God".



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