Sure, you can say Anak is a Princess... But she's really a fake. However, I'm a genuine Princess. One of the many Princesses in Zahard's cabinet of display shoes.


In the days before she became a princess of Zahard, Androssi was adopted into a family branch of one of the Ten Great Families. The only Ranker of said family was the head of the family, so in order to gain more power, the head was determined to produce a Zahard's Princess. Any girl who showed talent was adopted into the family and Androssi was one of them.[8]

Androssi at the Table

Androssi wins her food...

During training, what you ate was dependent on how you did during training. During meals, the most successful candidates ate lavish feasts at the head of the table, while the weakest girls ate simple meals at the other end. Androssi was so weak that she was not allowed to sit at the table and was instead given stale bread to eat on the cold floor. However, when she beat a candidate much larger than herself in combat by awakening a hidden power inside herself, she was allowed to sit at the table. After tasting the delicious food she began to wonder what the other girls' food tasted like and wanted to taste it all. It is then implied that she killed every other candidate until she was able to sit alone at the table and eat every dish available.[8]

Tower of God: Part 1

Androssi arrived on the Second Floor with 199 other Regulars. She teamed up with Rachel and Akryung and their team then wiped out all 197 other Regulars.

It's uncertain if her team took and passed Lero-Ro's Test and the Door Test before taking part in the Crown Game, which was held in another test center. Either way, once Yu Han Sung found out about the team, the Game was arranged in an attempt to get them up onto the next Floor to avoid causing trouble (although Sung had other motives as well).

Crown Game

In the Crown Game, the team entered the battle in the last round. Androssi fought against Hwa Ryun and seemingly outmatched the Regular, but failed to stop Hwa Ryun from attacking Rachel. Her team won the Crown Game when Baam took down Ryun, but they decided not to move up.

Position Test

Androssi was then placed in the Fisherman position. During training, she made friends with Baam, who tried to pair her off with Hatsu. She told Baam that her family had a rule against dating, and then Anak revealed that Androssi is, in fact, a Princess of Zahard.

Tog androssi

Androssi with her weapons.

Zahard's Princess

In an exercise, Anak attacked Androssi instead of going for the other Regulars. Androssi easily avoided her attacks and played Anak in such a way that all of the other Regulars were defeated by Anak, even though she was not aiming for then. Then Anak used Shinsu to enhance her power and was able to land some strong blows on Androssi but, at the last second, Androssi grabbed her foot and slammed her into a pillar from several feet up. Anak then told Androssi that part of the reason she had come to the Tower was to fight her and told Androssi a bit about her history. Before Androssi could win the test, her heels broke, and both her and Anak fell from their pillars and lost several points.


Androssi was seen talking to Rachel in the bathroom and asked her why she was trying so hard to stay away from Baam, to which Rachel had no real response. Androssi told her to make up her mind.

Androssi was placed on Team B for the Hide-and-Seek Test. She stopped all the Regulars from arguing over a plan by simply putting forward a plan of her own and saying that if they did not follow it she would simply go and do it on her own. The Regulars "agreed" to her plan, which was to have all the Fishermen on Team B move together. Androssi traveled with Baam, Des Lion and Hong Chunhwa, making good progress. She suggested they take a short break. When Hong complained, she started joking about how he would receive the "death penalty". She then asked Baam why he was looking so depressed, to which he replied that he is not sure why she chose him, as he is quite weak. Androssi told him that she was like him once and then reveals her history to him. She then asked how he thought she got to eat all the food. Baam jokingly asked if she got all the other candidates to give food to her, to which she replied that he was being an idiot.

The group then received a communication that the Ranker had been spotted. However, instead of moving to escape, Androssi used her paintbrush to draw a circle around the group and destroyed the Lighthouse that they were using to communicate. She said that anyone who stepped outside would be "executed" and then attacked the other Fishermen, saying they did not deserve to climb the Tower. When Des Lion tried to attack Baam, she slapped him outside the circle. She then yelled at Baam about how he was stupid to chase Rachel. When he left anyway, she turned on Des and Hong and easily defeated them. Hong commented that she was a demon, to which she replied that everyone told her that before departing and crushed him. She then took his Ignition Weapon, Narumada, and went off to find the others.

Tog newportrait


When she found them, she apologized (somewhat) for her betrayal, saying that she did not know any other way. She said that she would like to continue climbing the Tower with a certain someone, then proceeded to taunt and engage in battle with Quant. She was surprised by the Ranker's skill, but with the Ignition Weapon, she was able to hold her own. Eventually Baam helped her handle Quant by freezing him with shinsu and Androssi fooled him by replacing her badge with red panties, and as a result, won the test for her team.

Last Examination

She later participated in the Submerged Fish Test with the Regulars and was sent to fight the Bull with Anak. They got into an argument and made a bet over who could beat the creature first. The bet being that if Anak lost, Androssi would claim ownership of the Black March. If Anak won, Androssi would become her slave. Androssi began to easily defeat it, but Anak stopped her from killing it and it was able to escape. Androssi chased after the Bull until it lured her into the dark, where it revealed its true strength and captured her. She was then taken to Ren and asked to kill Anak. Androssi acted like she was going to at first, but then teamed up with Anak to fight the RED operative. However, she was blasted badly with shinsu and lost the fight. Later, when Yuri arrived, she said that she knew Baam would survive the test, as she'd said she'd go on a date with him afterward (presumably to annoy Yuri).

Epilogue, Rachel

She did not attend the meeting after the test, possibly because of the after-effects of being blasted by Ren. When she found out about Baam's death, she went up with the rest of the group, possibly to help Rachel climb.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Regular Androsi

Nothing much is known about Androssi in Part Two except for the fact that she was climbing the Tower in Leesoo's team. Based on the image from Volume 2 Chapter 1, she has become well known. This picture is from after Ja Wangnan failed his test, but before he gets visited by Kim Lurker.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

Epilogue, Path

Khun was contacting Leesoo, who told Khun about their failure to pass the test. Meanwhile, Anak, who was appointed goalie in their online game abandoned her post and tried to score a goal, prompting another fight. 


She watched, seemingly nonchalantly, as the news reported the death of Khun at the hands of the Slayer
Androssi kicks blue dog
candidate Jyu Viole Grace

When she got there, she was immediately treated to an interview, which made everyone watching (except for Khun) fall over in adoration. Leesoo's interview was interrupted by Io, introducing the new game.

One Shot, One Opportunity

She got hold of four paparazzi and got them to tell the rest of her team where the FUG team was. Unknowingly to them, she had asked Emile where Viole was and used the rest of the team as a distraction to get to him. She appeared, kicking Blue Dog (Blue Venom in some translations) in the head and sending it crashing into a wall before pointing a gun at Viole's head.

She then remarked that Viole looked like nothing she heard from the rumors, a brutish person with long hair, but noticed that he looked somewhat familiar. Momentarily caught off-guard due to Viole's gun appearing, she was shocked when Viole stopped her with a mysterious technique. She tried to follow Viole and Traveller when they escaped but was stopped by various anti-tank bombs that Traveller had used. She then pointed out that the technique Viole used was similar to Baam's just as another patrol appears behind her.

She then spent the rest of the game fighting off patrols, jokingly remarking that she had reached level 99 in doing so. She then noticed Traveller running around and stopped him, demanding to know where Viole was but showed utter shock when Traveller blurted out that he wasn't "Jyu Viole Grace" but he was "Twenty-Fifth Baam".


Androssi appeared on TV (much to many of her fans' satisfaction) giving an interview about how she was able to get an extra ticket into Archimedes by capturing the breaching convict. Throughout the interview, she omitted a few things, including breaking down several factory patrols. After that, she attempted to finish off the interview and leave. At that moment, Viole and his team were seen from afar.

Androssi entered the intrusion containment area using her authority as one of Zahard's Princesses to visit the Traveller. Once there, she asked him if he was completely sure that Viole claimed to be Baam. With that confirmation, she left, only to be begged to stop for a moment by the Traveller. He then begged her to let him free and if she wouldn't do that, at least help him save Emile. Confused about what was going on, she asked him if he was talking about the talking machine. When he confirmed it, she began to think he was outright crazy for falling in love with a machine. The Traveller denied this and claimed that she was a real living human being who he needed to save because she was the one who gave his hopeless life meaning. He continued to beg her to go to the Acorn Workshop where she was held.

By night-time, Androssi pondered if what the Traveller said was true, if Emile was actually a living human being that was currently an experiment. Regardless, she was able to take such matters off her mind, deciding not to help and worry for someone else's love life.

Battle x Gamble

Varagarv's participation in the Plug event piqued her curiosity. Shortly after, she entered the arena in the seventh round of the individual matches which she easily won. During a short conversation with Anak, she asked her niece what she thought about Viole, with her replying that Viole had the exact same eyes as Baam.

The Truth

Taking part in the party on the Archimedes, she intended to approach Viole to find out whether he really was Baam. She tried to follow Viole but was deceived by the information from Emile. Shortly after, she escaped from the party and sneaked into the hotel FUG was staying in, where she collided with Rak and shortly after, to her surprise, Viole appeared.

Androssi attempted to capture him, but he managed to evade her effortlessly. After hearing Rak's words and seeing his face does she realize that Viole was in fact Baam. She grabbed Rak upon hearing the fast approaching voices of FUG's team members, but before they left, she told Viole to return ASAP if he wanted to date her. After escaping by using Bong Bong, a special fairy award prize during the game One Shot, One Opportunity, Androssi asked Rak to tell her everything he knew.


Androssi was said to be raging in the waiting room.


She complained irritatedly after finally being summoned by Vespa and teleported to Mad Dog's location along with Hatsu. After talking briefly with Ron Mei, Androssi launched herself at her only to be blocked by Varagarv, who surprised her by taking out a chunk of her leg. She stood frustrated until Hatsu decided to switch from stalling to straight out attacking. Androssi questioned his sudden change but he reaffirmed them. Teaming up, Hatsu eradicated Varagarv's Shadow Wolves and Androssi teleported them high into the sky before preparing to strike him down again. After slightly injuring Varagarv and Hatsu holding Ron Mei in a hostage situation the two Regulars conceded defeat.
After hearing that the hostages had been rescued, Androssi used Hatsu's power pack to re-energize Bong Bong and used it to teleport everyone to safety. She then got on board the Wolhaiksong suspendiship with everyone else as they escaped.


Androssi complained when Baam turned up late to their date and chastised him for his excuse. They later went to watch a movie and eventually ended up at a restaurant to eat. She noticed Rak, Prince, and Yihwa were still following them. She then asked Baam how his time with FUG was and after hearing his reply, her feelings for him were reaffirmed. Androssi then teleported them both far away from them where she gave him a kiss on the cheek to remember her by.

When Leesoo's team were heading out to begin climbing the Tower again, Androssi could be seen hurrying away as she said looking at his face would be embarrassing.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


Androssi was seen briefly ordering Ship Leesoo about whilst the latter was talking to Khun via Pocket.

Yuri Jahad

She was briefly seen commenting on the arrival of some interesting Regulars to the Name Hunt station.

The 'Name Hunt' Station

Before arriving at the station, Androssi was contacted by Lilial Zahard who proposed her a game: if Androssi managed to take away Kaiser's name in the station, the Lo Po Bia Family would stop interfering with Anak and would hand over the life of Lo Po Bia Ren. Androssi accepted the bet.

As soon as she arrived at the station, she was invited by Kaiser and challenged to a duel. Androssi accepted the duel betting her real name, since Zahard name can't be stolen but eventually lost the battle and her name. She managed to escape Kaiser's residence using Bong Bong but, having lost her name, she was now risking her princess title, along with her life.
Androssi beating up

Androssi beating up Marte's followers.

Later she's seen observing Khun Ran's group arriving at the station, noting he would regret using so much power later on. When everyone was getting ready to hunt for Kaiser, she mentioned the only person she wanted to hunt was on board the train. She then moved to attack Marte, one of the Ten Bosses of the Name Hunt Station. When Androssi arrived at her area, Marte asked if she was one of the Boss hunters and Androssi confirmed. After Androssi annihilated her servant army, she directly attacked Marte, impaling her through the neck and then destroying her with a Bong Bong-enhanced kick to the abdomen. When Baam arrived at the station and was challenged by Kaiser, Androssi rushed to them and interrupted their fight, declaring she and Viole were a couple. She challenged Kaiser to a duel the following night in the gallery, declaring this time she wouldn't lose, before moving away with Baam using Bong Bong.
Androssi seducing

Androssi asking Baam to be her servant.

Back to her team's residence, Androssi had a discussion with Baam about Kaiser and how she lost because she wasn't aware of her abilities. She then asked Baam to help her and tried seducing him into being her servant, which he declined saying he also needed Kaiser's name to go after Rachel and reach the Floor of Death. Androssi got upset by his answer and told him he would have to choose between her and Rachel.

The following day, in a hidden passage to Kaiser's headquarters, she was approached by Lilial Zahard. After a short fight, the Lo Po Bia princess retreated after hearing of Kaiser's defeat by the hands of Jyu Viole Grace.

Androssi reached Baam demanding him to give her Kaiser's name, but he said things were going to be all right and Kaiser was going to declare Androssi was the one who beat her.

After hearing Baam and his team were about to leave for the Floor of Death, she asked them if she could tag along, saying there lived a princess she wanted to meet.

Shortly after, during the Karaka and Yuri's fight in front of the Hell Train, she took advantage of a moment of distraction the Slayer had to use Bong Bong to move herself and Baam on the Hell Train.


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