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Androssi is a fairly human-looking girl. She is said to be very pretty, as she is one of Zahard's Princesses, and has short brown hair. Her only non-human features are the small horn on the right side of her head and her yellow eyes. She wears a yellow dress with two red pins on it and often wears high heels, which sometimes gets her in trouble during combat. Androssi is currently one of the most popular Zahard's Princesses and she is said to be "milky white" by Ja Wangnan and Edin Dan

She is haughty, but quite friendly most of the time, probably from spending time with Baam whose actions such as going after Rachel appear to her as childishly naive. Before coming to the Tower she was ambitious and only thought of climbing. She was extremely ruthless and didn't hesitate to betray "teammates" in order to climb higher in the Tower as seen in the Hide-and-Seek Test. However, once she met Baam and through him the rest of the Regulars, she began to value friendship and loyalty. She is still very authoritative and good at taking control; similar to Koon. She seems to care about her appearance, as she was seen putting make-up on, even though being a Princess she is not allowed to date or marry. It is possible she does this just to make others more likely to obey her, or as Emile said, "A lonely girl who wants to love".

In Part II, she retained her craftiness and cunning and was able to manipulate Leesoo, although his thoughts were clouded when it came to FUG. She didn't retain her nicer personality that Baam brought out and became more self-centered after his "death". But still, she seems to care about her friends, judging from the way she planned to go after Viole after she heard about Koon's "death". At the end of Part II, she expressed her feelings to Baam.

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