Powers & Abilities

Part 1

Androssi, being a Zahard Princess, was exceedingly powerful for a Regular.[1] Above all of her peers, she had earned the spot as the strongest Regular of them all. After the Hide-and-Seek Test, she began to garner praise as someone who fought on even ground against a Ranker (although Quant was limited to only one baang of Shinsoo). In the Hide-and-Seek test she proved to be a fairly cunning strategist and her close-range combat skills were among the best of the Regulars.

Agility: Androssi has demonstrated high speed and agility in combat, excelling in this field over all of her peers, even Anak. She has demonstrated an ability to jump well over 30 meters and kick someone in the face before even catching their attention. She was even able to anticipate and counter Ranker's attacks.[2]

Excellent Physical Combat Skills: Androssi is well trained in physical combat skills and can easily overcome many other Fishermen of her level.[3][4] She is also one of Zahard's Princesses and, as such, has received his power, giving her far greater strength and speed than a normal Regular. She was easily able to toss aside someone twice her size with one hand. It has been stated that currently among Regulars, Androssi is unmatched in terms of physical capability.

Swordswoman: Although it isn't one of her more used forms of combat, Androssi is adept in the use of swords, as demonstrated by her use of Narumada, which she was also able to Ignite.[2]

Part 2

Throughout Part 2, she has been revealed to be very well renowned throughout the entire Tower, especially among the E-Rank Regulars. During the Workshop Battle, she was able to fight multiple extremely high-level Workshop Patrols and win without so much as a scratch.[5] She is considered one of the top 5 E-rank Regulars who was described by Leesoo as in a "completely different league". Later on during the semi-finals, it is shown that she is considered at the same level as Viole and Varagarv who were both worth 1,000,000 points.[6]

Excellent Physical Skills: In Part 2, Androssi's physical skills seem to have grown even more powerful, she is able to knock aside massive Workshop Patrols easily and smash through concrete with her kicks.[7] She is also shown to be highly resilient, merely getting stunned when hit by the Traveller's anti-tank explosives[8] and bruising Rak simply by walking into him.[9]

Shinsoo enhancement: Androssi can use Shinsoo to further enhance her combat ability. When using Shinsoo, she is able to jump huge heights and also gains enhanced speed and reflexes.

Androssi's Shinsoo quality takes the form of some sort of red needle. 


Ha Yuri Zahard taught her some of her own techniques while journeying inside the Hell Express.


Androssi shield

Androssi blocking Anak's punch with her Lapel Pin

Lapel Pin Weapons: The two pins on her dress are actually arms inventories when removed they expand and become large disks which float in the air near Androssi and act as shields.[11][12][13] The needles used to pin them to her dress also expand and are used as weapons while the string itself it also tough and useful. She has small Arms Inventory which she stores them in. However, this weapon was destroyed during the Hide-and-Seek Test by receiving a blast from Narumada.[14]
Tog 50

Androssi with Narumada

Narumada: During the Hide-and-Seek Test, Androssi takes possession of the Ignition Weapon Narumada.[4] She uses it to create huge blasts of Shinsoo. After the test, she returns the weapon to Hong Chunhwa. She has also even proven to be more skilled in using this weapon than Chunhwa would.[2]

Paintbrush: During the Hide-and-Seek test, she used a thin red "paintbrush" to draw over a large area.[15] The brush is capable of flying at high speeds and, although it is not designed for combat, it is capable of disabling devices such as Lighthouses.[15]



Bon Bon about to teleport Androssi and her allies.

Bong Bong: As a reward for shooting it at the One Shot, One Opportunity test, Androssi obtained the Workshop's item "Bong Bong."[16] This pink fairy can teleport its user and those around it to another place. Its teleportation is only limited by distance and weight and is quite free overall.[17]



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