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The Ancient Odd-Eyed Giant Cobra (그대 오드아이 자이언트 코브라 Geudae Odeu-ai Jaieonteu Kobeura) is a giant snake Shinheuh and one of the 23 special beasts that belongs to the Lo Po Bia Family. It's believed that the 8th son of the family is the current possessor of this shinheuh. 

Appearance and Personality

It is a giant, greenish-brown cobra with blue-and-white diamond spots on its back. It has heterochromia, with the left eye being orange and the right eye being green. It belly side is a light beige color.

Not much known about the snake's personality since it was controlled by the 8th son of Lo Po Bia Family Head.


Tower of God: Part 3 - The Wall with a Sleeping Forget-Me-Not

In a flashback, the Ancient Odd-Eyed Giant Cobra was seen attacking Taro York and Khun Hynd Luch during the Genesis period in retaliation for the murder of one of the Lo Po Bia's first direct descendents. Dowon used her Flower Garden technique on the cobra to attempt to at least slow it down and blow it away.[1].

After emerging from the rumble completely unharmed the snake suddenly begins to speak to them, commenting on the impressiveness of her strength and saying no wonder they can beat his younger brother. Taro York realizes that the snake is being used as a medium by the 8th son of the Lo Po Bia Family. The snake was about to speak but was interrupted by an attack from Cha as he arrives with other members of the Hidden Grove team.

The snake then tells Dowon that Zahard's Army currently surrounds her home of Dohwa and threatens to annihilate it. Following the death of one of the Lo Po Bia Family's early direct descendents, the family head was both enraged and saddened. Zahard's forces are also tired of the war and the Lo Po Bia family. In order to prevent her country's destruction, she would have to be sealed[2].

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Durability: The snake's massive build gives it enhanced strength and durability. It was barely phased by a powerful shinsoo attack from Dowon.

Speaking Inducement: The owner of the shinheuh can use it as a medium to converse with others who are far away. The 8th son of the Lo Po Bia family was able to have a conversation with the Hidden Grove team via the Giant Cobra.

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