Frog tank pollack well
Ancient Frog Pollack's Well
(고대개구리 폴락의우물, Godaegaeguli Pollag-uiumul) is a Frog Tank, type of Bowl, in which Anima Dorian Frog keeps his Shinheuh, Ancient Frog Pollack.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Dorian Frog activates it with words "Dig a Well now, Pollack". This Frog Tank can make eyes come out of it. These eyes are able to analyze person's power level.[2]

Pollack's Well can also make tongues come out of it. Tongues can generate and shoot High-Concentration Mucus (고농축 점액질, Gonongchug Jeom-aegjil). Mucus is very durable. It can stop speeding Hell Train or White's attack.[3][2]


Alternate Translation

  • Well of the Ancient Frog Pollock[4]


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