Ancient Demon left the Spell Book

Ancient Demon's Spell Book is a book granted or bestowed by an unnamed Ancient Demon that visited Hoaqin in his sleep.[1]


One night, an Ancient Demon came to visit young Hoaqin in his sleep. The Ancient Demon then told Hoaqin to deceive his 4 siblings Vicente, David, Anna, Albelda and offer their souls to the Demon itself. When Hoaqin woke up, there was a spell right in front of him. His thirst for power lead Hoaqin to read the spell as if he was bewitched.[1]

Spells List

  • Spell of Soul-eating: the demon gave Hoaqin this Spell as a way to become stronger by devouring the souls of his siblings to become one god-like entity.
  • Mysterious Sigil: this sigil is an inscribed or painted symbol that was used by White to undo the effect of Spell of Soul-eating. This sigil can also backfired at Hoaqin, because even if one of them (Hoaqin or his siblings' souls) mingles into the sigil, White can't be resurrected.[2]

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