Possessed Yuri trapped in ancient cloak

Ancient Cloak For Trapping Evil is an enchanted item of full black ancient cloak that will cover the entire body of the targeted subject and completely trapped it. [1]


This item was used by the Sorcerers to trap evil beings. According to Garam Zahard, it won't come off. However, Hell Joe can pull the cloak off from Yuri's body. It means that only the targeted subject who cannot break free from the item, but other people can help to release it.


After find out the real truth behind the 13 Month Series, Garam researched everything about Spells. She started to gather every enchanted item that she could find and get her hands to. The Ancient Cloak For Trapping Evil was prepared specifically by Garam to trapped Ghost of the 13 Months in case she appear again to possess a Zahard's Princesses.

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