You really don't know... What irregulars are capable of. The Tower doesn't open its gates for just anyone. No matter what, it only opens its gate to something that it needs. Stability, change, revolution, or liberty... You will have to see with your own two eyes... What that boy will bring to the Tower.

Alumik Edrok to Evan Edrok

Alumik Edrok (알루미크 에드록) is the butler and Guide serving Repellista Zahard at the 5th Floating castle and other real estates belonging to the Zahard Family. He is a member of the Edrok Family.

Appearance and Personality

Alumik is much like others of his race with dark silver hair and short stature. He also has an English moustache and generally wears suits or other formal attire.

He seems to be a very optimistic and jovial persona but also has underlying tones of cunning and knowledge of things.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

He greeted Yuri Zahard when she came to the 5th Floating castle to see Repellista. When Yuri and Maschenny Zahard argue, he amiably noted that they got along well. He later told Yuri that Repellista was in her room and went off to make Yuri some hot cocoa.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Revolution Road

When Evan confronted him about his actions, he casually conversed with a slightly irked family member about the path Yuri was soon to undertake as well as the fate of Baam.

Notes and Trivia

  • It is unknown whether Alumik is a Ranker or not, however, the former seems a lot more likely considering his position.


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