Aleksai Amigochaz (알렉세이 아미고챠즈, Ahlehksei Ahmigochyajeu; "Aleksei Amigochaz") is a Regular. He first appeared in Part 1 and was assigned the Spear Bearer position. In Part 2 he was shown to be a part of Ship Leesoo's team.

Appearance and Personality

Aleksai is a large, muscular Regular with distinctive red hair. In Part 1 he has tanned skin and a pair of small red wings, however when he reappears in Part 2 these are gone and his skin is far lighter. He also wears more formal clothing in Part 2. The wings are removable,[1] as in the second season he is shown on Leesoo's team without them.

He generally avoids talking to other people and acts quite antisocial to everyone. According to some of the other Regulars, during the first test he viciously attacked anyone who came near him. This, however, is slightly exaggerated.

In Part 2, Aleksai's appearance has drastically changed. Once a monstrous man with red devil wings he now appears civilized. He wears a suit, his hair is neatly combed over and his skin is paler. He is also a more cautious fighter, anticipating attacks before they arrive. Still he remains quiet.

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Tower of God: Part 1

Amigochaz Season 2

Amigochaz in season 2

He participated in the Crown Game with his team (Chungchung and Leon 3), but they were easily defeated by Rak and Koon. He was then put on Team A for the Hide-and-Seek Test and participated in the assault on Quant. Out of all the Regulars in the group made to delay Quant for five minutes, Amigochaz, realising his spears did nothing, jumped down and assaulted the Ranker head on but was completely defeated. He is extremely strong and quite accurate with a spear. He is one of the Regulars that passed the Second Floor and moved on to the Third Floor.

He has a pair of small wings on his back capable of at least short-distance hovering, using them to attack Quant from above. The pair of small wings are cosmetics also.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince


Shortly after the destruction of the Hand of Arlen, he was seen with his team watching the news about of the alleged death of Koon.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

One Shot, One Opportunity

Under Leesoo's co-ordination, Amigochaz launched drill-like spears up from the ground in order to disrupt Yuto's movements. However, once Jyu Viole Grace appeared, Amigochaz hopped up from one of the holes he had created and engaged Viole in hand-to-hand combat after Viole's shinsoo had been sealed by Verdi. Despite Viole's movements, Amigochaz's speed in attacking was fast and he managed to land a direct hit on Viole, backing the latter into a corner. Preparing to land the finishing blow, Viole retaliated with a "Thorn"-enhanced blow, smashing Amigochaz into the ground and incapacitating him.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


He was briefly seen with the rest of his team training, by lifting weights.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Strength and Durability: Amigochaz has proven to be very strong, as he was shown to be sitting on a pile of bodies after a test on the Second Floor.[3] He has displayed incredible strength and durability, being able to leap and land from a great height with no harm to himself and also punch with enough force to crack a stone wall.[4] He is also relatively agile; it was noted by Viole that he has gained more speed since his time on the Second Floor.[5]

Boxing: Although it was said that he swung violently in season 1, he has shown to be a more cautious fighter in season 2 and fights in a style akin to boxing.[5]


Spear: He was shown using a standard red spear in season 1 during his training and the last two tests.

Drill-like Spear: While not shown on-panel, he used a large drill-like spear to battle with during the One Shot, One Opportunity game.[6]