Offensive team's required path to victory

The 35th Floor's Advancement Test was the test required to pass to the 36th Floor.


In the most recent incantation of the Advancement Test, two teams dispute for the right to advance to the 36th Floor.

There are two teams, a defensive team and an offensive team. The offensive team starts from the outer field and will win if they occupy the centre point. The centre point is deemed occupied when a card is inserted into a register on the stage; each member of the offensive team gets a card.[1]

The defensive team wins if they manage to prevent the offensive team from reaching the centre point for an hour; if the defenders take away all the cards from the offenders, it becomes an automatic win for the defensive team.[1]

Participating Teams

Berhino's team and Koon's team facing off

Offensive Team: Team Berhino

Defensive Team: Koon Aguero Agnis' Team

Test Result

Rak Wraithraiser eliminated two members of the offensive team from the test and Twenty-Fifth Baam eliminated four members of the offensive team from the test.[2] Koon Aguero Agnis' team eventually completed the test and ascended to the 36th Floor.

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