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Administrator's Test (관리자 님의 시험이, Gwanlija Nim-ui Siheom-i) is a special Test given or held by the Administrator. There is a special requirement to take a test from the Administrator, a person must be an Irregular.[1] The Administrator's Test itself is bound by a set of the Tower's Rules.


The Administrator's Test is actually the original testing system of the Tower and was designed to test an Irregular. After Zahard become King of The Tower, the Administrator's Test was replaced with the Regular's Testing System which will be supervised by the Rankers under Administrator's permission.[1]

The Administrator's Test reflects the "worth of the things",[2] the Irregular wishes to gain from the Tower and in essence, their desires. When the Irregular passes an Administrator's Test, it is possible the Administrator may fulfill part or all of their wishes expressed before the test.[1] It is unknown if Irregulars who fail to pass an Administrator's Test are allowed to retake it or are promptly disqualified from climbing the Tower.


Notes and Trivia

  • It still unknown whether Zahard and the Great Warriors climb the Tower by taking Administrator's Test all the time. There is no information how their tests were conducted during their time.[3]
  • Administrator's Test is optional. In current times, an Irregular can freely choose to take the Administrator's Test or not.



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