Krishna, one of The 7 Sacred Swords

The Seven Sacred Swords are a series of Ignition Weapon type of swords that has an Unnamed Ancient Monster's soul as their source of power."[1]


As the name suggests, there are seven swords in total and each of them contains a spirit of an ancient monster. Not much is known about the swords' powers nor the common traits and similarities shared by each sword. However, two of the swords that have appeared on the story so far, Narumada and Krishna, appear to be double-edged swords with long blades and grips long enough for two-handed use, making them similar to European Longsword in appearance.


On a long time before the current story, the swords used to be regular swords wielded by seven strong warriors of the village where Hong Danhwa and Hong Chunhwa were from. However, after the warriors had defeated an ancient monster that had terrorized their hometown, the swords were used as a medium to seal the monster's soul in order to prevent the monster from reincarnating. They were then passed from generation to generation until the present time and are more known as the "Seven Sacred Swords.""[1]

List of the Swords

  • Krishna : currently owned by Hong Danhwa
  • Narumada : currently owned by Hong Chunwa
  • Unknown : currently owned by Unknown
  • Unknown : currently owned by Unknown
  • Unknown : currently owned by Unknown
  • Unknown : currently owned by Unknown
  • Unknown : currently owned by Unknown

Notes and Trivia

  • The seven swords may have been named after the seven most sacred rivers of India.[2]. If this were true, the other swords' names could be Yamuna, Ganga, Sarasvati, Kshipra, Godavari, and Kaveri.



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