The Seventy-Seventh Floor of the Tower. From what we have seen, the Middle Area apparently seems to consist of a vast, largely uninhabited forest. The nature of the Tests on this Floor are unknown.

Floor Officials


77 floor's middle area

Middle Area

This Floor serves as Wolhaiksong's headquarters, a group whose influence in the Tower is said to be equivalent to that of any of the 10 Great Families. Quant said that it was a "hellish place" and appeared to be quite scared of it. Urek Mazino gained control of this Floor after successfully completing Arie Hon's special test and becoming a Ranker.[1][2] Urek then transferred control to his best friend Baek Ryun. This Floor is the only Floor, after the Second Floor, ruled by someone who's not affiliated with the 10 Great Families, and the only place where interchange between the Outer Tower and the Middle Area is equal.[3]

Known Residents


  • After Yuri gave half a Wing Tree symbol to Leesoo, she told him to give it to Baam and that on the Seventy-Seventh Floor, "Urek Mazino is waiting".


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