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The Seventy-Seventh Floor of the Tower. The Middle Area of this Floor apparently seems to consist of a vast, largely uninhabited forest. The nature of the Tests on this Floor are unknown.

Floor Officials


This Floor serves as Wolhaiksong's headquarters, a group whose influence in the Tower is said to be equivalent to that of any of the 10 Great Families. Quant Blitz said that it was a "hellish place" and appeared to be quite scared of it. Urek Mazino gained control of this Floor after successfully completing Arie Hon's special test and becoming a Ranker.[1][2] Urek then transferred control to his best friend Baek Ryun. This Floor is the only Floor, after the 2nd Floor, ruled by someone who's not affiliated with the 10 Great Families, and the only place where interchange between the Outer Tower and the Middle Area is equal.[3]


Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Vol.2 Ch.37: Extra Floor – A Suspicious Game Center

After they resigned from their jobs as the 2nd Floor Test Admin, Lero-Ro and Quant Blitz finally reached the forest of the 77th Floor, but they were frustrated because they didn't seem to be getting anywhere in two months, lost in the forest. Suddenly, Quant spots an Arcade Game Shop in the middle of the forest and they decided to go look into the shop. Inside the shop, there are many arcade game machine with all the highscores on the games inside written with the name "Blueberry13". Suddenly the owner, Blueberry himself pops out from the ventilation system, and challenges Quant numerous games in which he loses all his Points. Blueberry then challenges Quant to a flying game simulator, a comical re-enactment of the Death Star battle from Star Wars Episode IV, which results in Quant burning to a crisp.

When the fun's over, Lero-Ro challenges Blueberry to a fight, and reveals that he knows Blueberry is Khun Hachuling, a member of Wolhaiksong. Though Quant and Lero-Ro don't know this, he is the Scout who accompanied Ha Yuri Zahard to the 2nd Floor seven years ago. Blueberry draws his weapon and is about to engage in a fight, but his phone rings. Hachuling says that Kurudan could do it, yet he is forced to go in the end anyway. He also invites Quant and Lero-Ro to join him and if things end up nicely, he will take them to Wolhaiksong.[4]

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