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The 43rd Floor South City (사우스 시티, Sauseu Siti) is a city in the southern region of the 43rd Floor, currently ruled by Hell Joe.


The South City have a warm climate and almost all of its region are dominated with rocky plains and rocky mountains. The South City used to belong to the Grand Family and was ruled by Grand De Sah, but he was captured after the man named Hell Joe rebelled and attacked the castle. Hell Joe is the current ruler of the South City.


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Before Hell Joe rise to power and become the ruler of 43rd Floor South City, young Hell Joe worked as the "Hole Repairman" for quite a long time to the point he mastered every knowledges about the holes system. Eventually, Grand De Sah who at that time ruled the South City was interested to hire young Hell Joe as holes worker. Grand De Sah then appointed Hell Joe to become top hole master. However, Hell Joe had his own ambition, so after becoming the top hole master, he changed the structures of the holes for his needs and also persuaded the servants of Grand De Sah to serve him as the new ruler. Soon after that, Hell Joe rise to power, attacked the castle, suppressed Grand De Sah and later imprisoned him in the "Eternal Prison". Ultimately, Hell Joe took complete control of the South City.[1]

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