Name Hunt station

Entrance to Name Hunt Station

The Thirty-Ninth Floor of the Tower. The tests given on this Floor are, as of yet, unknown. The third station of the Hell Express, Name Hunt, is located on this Floor.[1] This Floor is ruled by the Lo Po Bia Family.[2]

Floor Officials


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At the time before Kaiser's arrival to the Name Hunt station, the station was described as a "lawless, neglected area which only had remnants of the system from the time of the Ten Great Families". As the families conquered the Tower, they were planning on transforming the station and its special system into a pyramid slave system which is impossible to escape. Following Kaiser's failure on becoming a Princess of Zahard the Lo Po Bia Family sentenced Kaiser to a "very special labour punishment" by turning the Regular’s names captured at the station into a source of income.[2]

The Name Hunt station is a place created to commemorate the bet between the 10 Family Heads and the Tower natives, in which they put their names on the line.[3] Such tradition is still perpetuated on the 39th Floor, as Regulars who arrive at the station can steal someone's name, thus a legal "pyramid slavery scheme" is implemented among Regulars who reside at the station.[4]

Because of this, many influential families among the Tower use the Name Hunt station as a “Regulars disposal facility” in order to get rid of Regulars they don't like. The phrase "Bring me the Kaiser's name" is considered a code amongst families to eliminate a Regular since no-one has ever succeeded in defeating her. Those who fail either become no-named or servants due to the legal slavery rule at the Name Hunt station. Furthermore, since it's a station for the Hell Train, no Rankers can intervene.[5]


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