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The Thirtieth Floor of the Tower. It's Middle Area is the location of one of The Workshop Headquarters. Every 5 years an item tournament is held for E-rank Regulars, known as the Workshop Battle, with exclusive items made by the Workshop as prizes. 

One of the Workshop's headquarters and the great suspendship Archimedes are located on this Floor, which departs from Sepia Island. Sepia Island is regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the 30th Floor Middle Area. Sepia Island was the scenario of one of the Workshop Battle's event: One Shot, One Opportunity. It's implied that most of the Floor's income comes from tourism, because its coast areas are filled with a great variety of hotels which Regulars can choose to stay in.

Floor Officials

Entrance Gate

There is a gate that allows the Regulars to go into 30th Floor from the 29th Floor. This gate was used by Khun Aguero Agnis to enter this floor with his private floating ship along with his temporary workshop team, including Ja Wangnan, Hon Akraptor, Edin Dan, Prince, Yeo Goseng, and Yeo Miseng.[1]


  • Rak bumped into Androssi in Hotel-02
  • Viole encountered Rak, Yihwa and Androssi in Hotel-02

A hotel that entirely booked for FUG. In an attempt to reveal and confirm that Jyu Viole Grace is actually Baam that was still alive, Androssi Zahard and also Rak Wraithraiser who went together with Yeon Yihwa and Parakewl, forced their way into this hotel while Novick kept Reflejo's attention away from the hotel.[2]

Central Island

An island where the third round tournament of the Workshop battle was held.[3]

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