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3/400 is the second episode of Season 1 of the Tower of God anime.

Official Synopsis

Bam overcomes Headon's test and ascends to the second level of the tower. "The Black March" Bam received from Yuri catches the attention of Khun, who toys with him. Together they aim for the top, but...[1]

Detailed Summary

Adapted from crunchyroll recap

As we return to the Tower's fight test the hunter attacks Bam—referring to the Irregular as a Black Turtle. The blue-haired boy mentions a talking alligator would be worth a lot of money, which angers the hunter. He is not an alligator, he is Rak Wraithraiser! The hunter insists on hunting Bam, to which the blue-haired contestant shows his disdain for anyone participating in the culling. He thinks they are fools for blindly obeying the Tower's rules. This makes Rak even angrier, but the boy is not afraid. He simply turns and walks away, leaving Bam to face the beast alone in favor of finding himself some strong allies. As he turns to leave, he notices Bam's weapon and changes his mind. He's too curious about the Black March to continue on his hunt for allies.

Bam resolves to fight Rak so he can find Rachel, but the blue-haired boy distracts the beast so he and Bam can make an escape. This angers the hunter, who promises to have his revenge on the boys turtles. Bam's new friend thanks the goofy looking monster Bam had been preparing to kill in the first episode. He had taken its clothing to distract the hunter. He explains that the Da-an Tribe is mild-mannered, even in the face of death, and points out that Bam will never survive this battle if he can't even take out something so calm and gentle. 

The blue-haired boy introduces himself as Khun. But the pleasantries end quickly as Khun wants to know why Bam has a weapon only given to princesses chosen by the king of the Tower. We see a flashback to Headon warning Princess Yuri that the king would have them beheaded if he learned that Bam was given the Black March. Bam tells Khun the weapon was lent to him and that he has someone he has to go see. Khun ponders Bam's status and whether or not he is an exception compared to the Regulars. Meanwhile, Rak is still angrily searching for the two turtle boys.

In another part of the arena, the lizard girl takes out a foe atop a cliff. A boy armed with two swords eyes his opponent and prepares for a fight. She swings her weapon at him, a long whip-like vine. She mocks the boy, assuming he can't run from her dangerous weapon, but he has no intention to do so. He swings his sword and parries the vine into a nearby rock. The two fight hard, evenly matched, though he thinks he is the stronger. A stranger in a purple tracksuit watches the fight, hidden by the tall grass. He's happy to be safe, but is a little hurt he is not considered enough of an opponent that they are completely ignoring him.

Khun and Bam sit and rest, with 268 opponents left on the field. Khun questions Bam's inability to kill, asking if he had ever actually murdered someone before. Bam doesn't think so, but admits that he can't remember anything before Rachel. He reveals that it is she who he is trying to find inside the Tower. Khun assumes this means Rachel is Bam's girlfriend, but Bam insists he belongs to Rachel. Bam and Khun make an alliance; this was Khun's plan from the beginning. Ignore the Tower rules and make strong and interesting friends. Plus, what could it hurt to make a pact with the boy who caught the eye of a Princess of Jahad?

Out of nowhere, Rak attacks the boys. Khun quickly stops the not-an-alligator's attack with his trusty briefcase. The cube appears and informs the participants that they have been whittled down to 200. Time is up. Anyone who continues to fight will be disqualified. Rak will no longer be able to exact vengeance on Khun and Bam. The lizard girl and her opponent have not finished their fight yet either. Both will live to see another day.

The man in the purple tracksuit approaches the two fighters and comments on their comparable skill levels ... But they are still ignoring him, which hits a little close to home.

The cube announces the second test: Group up into teams of three allies—all of which should be touching before the timer runs out in five minutes. Khun and Bam are off to a good start.

The man in the purple tracksuit believes it is fate that brought him and the two evenly matched opponents together. The right place at the right time. His opponents introduce themselves, the lizard girl is Anak. Her opponent is Hatsu. The two walk off to find their third ally, ignoring Ship Leesoo as he screams his name at them from the tall grass.

Not convinced by the cube's instructions, Rak attacks Bam and Khun. The boys run for their lives as Khun tries to explain the shift in the game to the giant non-alligator. It's useless, Rak refuses to team up with what he considers his "prey." Khun rises to the challenge, he insists he and Bam will murder Rak and find an ally within one minute. Bam interferes before Khun and Rak can fight. He knows Rak is really after him. The angry alligator hunter believes fighting someone with a strong weapon will make him more powerful than everyone else. Bam resigns himself to fight his foe.

Rak is delighted by Bam's willingness to fight him but before the two can go toe-to-toe, Bam throws down his weapon. Standing alone with no means to defend himself, he invites Rak to hunt him. This angers the predator—he needs Bam to be using the weapon if this kill is going to mean anything. Khun sees right through Bam's plan, he's going to wait out the clock, forcing Rak to team up with them at the last possible second. He works to distract Rak—jumping onto the hunter's broad body and clinging for dear life in order to help Bam run out the timer.

Five seconds to go. Bam picks up the Black March ... and leaps right onto Rak's other side. It's done. The three are touching. They are now allies.

Not all of the Regulars made it into the next round. Only 120 were able to find allies. Though Rak and Bam are now teamed up, the hunter still insists that Bam fight him, but Bam refuses. Khun points out that if Bam needs his weapon to fight Rak, the rest of the Regulars will also attack the boy ... once they see he is in possession of the Black March, that is. Rak resists Khun's logic but eventually gives in in exchange for tasty treats.

Meanwhile, Ship Leeso has managed to make his way to the next round. He managed to catch up with Anak and Hatsu and the three are, in fact, allied to each other. Though Ship's teammates care little about what he has to say.

Two boys attempt to fight over the previous battle's events, but the Test Administrator, Lero-Ro appears, warning them that fighting is not allowed during breaks. Administrators—also known as Rankers—are people who managed to climb to the top of the Tower in the past. Bam is given a quick lesson on this, as he is ignorant of the Rankers and their origin. Khun claims only a "handful" of the Regulars are "insane monsters" like Lero-Ro, indicating the impressiveness and difficulty of making it to the top.

Bam's history lesson is interrupted—Lero-Ro informs the survivors that they must undergo another culling as too many have passed the previous tests. The Ranker unleashes a tidal wave right in the middle of the room, forcing the participants to scramble backward. The Administrator has used Shinsu, the source of the Tower's power. He informs the group that they must pass through his newly constructed wall of Shinsu without succumbing to its awesome power in order to move on to the next level. All members of each team must make it through the Shinsu. If one fails, they all fail.

While Lero-Ro reveals what it will take to make it through the Shinsu—the luck of being born with brains or brawn—Khun analyzes his group's chances. He thinks Rak will make it through without a problem, but wonders if Bam will be so lucky ... except Bam was not pushed back by the Shinsu barrier. He's already standing on Lero-Ro's side of the room. Bam offers to return to the other side of the barrier to conduct the test fairly but Lero-Ro allows him to pass the test. Even if it was a simple mistake that led him here, Lero-Ro still considers Bam lucky enough to have made it through to the other side. Khun doesn't seem to agree, he knows this was not some random event. And by the look on the Ranker's face, he secretly feels the same. A monster has arrived.

The Regulars are having a tough time even penetrating the barrier, let alone making it all the way through. Lero-Ro suggests he and Bam make a bet as to who will be the first to join them. If Bam guesses correctly, the Ranker will answer questions Bam might have for him. He only wants Bam to do the same in return if he loses the bet. Both choose Anak and they are correct. Anak passes through the barrier first, followed quickly by Hatsu. Both simply walk through the wall with no struggle. Though the two bettors have technically come to a tie, Lero-Ro concedes coming to a draw with a Ranker is an achievement in and of itself. He agrees to answer Bam's questions.

Bam immediately asks if Lero-Ro has seen a girl matching Rachel's description but he has not. Bam continues, asking the Ranker to explain Irregulars to him. Lero-Ro is shocked by the question but explains that an Irregular does not follow the rules of the Tower. He explains the layout of the Tower and its three sections: The residential Outer Tower; the Inner Tower, where they are currently located and which can only be climbed by Regulars; and the connection between these two locations known as the Middle Area. Most people never leave the Outer Tower, but some are chosen by Headon to enter the Inner Tower and participate in the tests. Bam realizes that nearly everyone here was born and raised inside the Tower ... but he and Rachel came from some outer world.

As Bam and Lero-Ro discuss the Tower's workings, the rest of the group tries desperately to make it through the Shinsu barrier. Rak begins to make an attempt but is held back by Khun, who would rather see what his team is up against. As another Regular makes it through the wall, the sniper with the rifle begins to lose his cool. He's angry that Bam passed the test so easily. Lero-Ro puts an end to the sniper's outburst. He reveals that the Shinsu can make a person immortal if they can withstand its power—while simultaneously causing a smaller wall of Shinsu to form around the angry Regular. The sniper is driven to madness inside the swirling blue wall of energy as the Ranker informs the group they will be subjected to the Shinsu every day if they make it to the 30th floor or higher. The sniper can't comprehend such torment, but it doesn't matter, he has failed the test.

Seeing the efforts and failures of the Regulars, Bam wonders if he even deserves to climb the Tower. Lero-Ro tells him he does. And if he doesn't, he simply will not make it all the way to the top. Having seen enough, Khun and Rak decide to make their attempt as Ship Leeso begins to force his way through with great effort. Rak enters the Shinsu easily and so does Khun, but his briefcase becomes snagged in the wall. He pulls it loose and greets his teammate waiting for him on the other side. Lero-Ro shares his approval of Bam and his group making it through the test but warns the Irregular not to become too friendly with Khun. As Bam sits confused by the Ranker's warnings, Ship finally breaks through the heavy wall. A second team has passed the test.

The victors are taken to another room where the third test will take place. A blonde figure watches the group, instantly recognizing Khun and referring to him by his full name: Khun Aguero Agnis.



Changes from Webtoon

Show / Hide Changes
  • In the webtoon, Khun explains about the Da-an Tribe before Rak shows up.
  • Khun took an interest in Bam due to Rak wanting to fight Bam, and not because Bam's sword was the Black March.
  • Bam and Khun did not hide to get away from Rak, they just ran away.
  • In the anime, Shibisu gets closer into the fight between Anaak Jahad and Hatz, making it more clear that they are intentionally ignoring him.
  • The symbol of Jahad is not present on Black March, but Black March is rather inscribed on the handle in a language similar to Japanese.
  • After Khun questioned Bam about the Black March, Bam did not reveal anything about how he acquired it.
  • Khun protected Bam from Rak's spear by throwing a knife at the tip of the spear instead of covering up Rak's eyes.
  • The scene with Hong Chunhwa consoling Sunwoo Nare and mocking his other team-mate was cut from the anime.
  • Aleksai Amigochaz being explained as a maniac that killed everyone he met was cut from the anime.
  • Khun bribing Rak by giving him chocolates was added in the anime.
  • The argument between Kancho and the Unnamed Regular was shortened, where Shopin also initially tried to stop it, but only Lero-Ro managed to stop it.
  • Lero-ro silliness, where he introduced himself in a "cute" way, was cut.
  • Lero-Ro's Test in the webtoon was the next test after the "Deathmatch" Test and not just a way of culling the numbers of the regulars.
  • In addition to Khun and Lero-ro, Laure and Anaak also noticed that Bam is special.
  • Lero-ro's explanation of Irregulars was cut short, where he did not name drop any of the notable irregulars.
  • Instead of Levin being the one that went against Lero-ro and got punished, it was an unnamed regular. This means that Levin failed much earlier in the anime.
  • Lero-ro's warning about Khun did not include that Khun is from a dangerous family, making the warning more about khun personally and not the family he is from.

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