But remember ye who climbs The Tower, this is not your power but your shackle. Always remember.

—The Second Floor Administrator to Baam[1]

The Second Floor Administrator (이 층의 관리자) is the unnamed Administrator of the Second Floor. It resembles a gigantic grey eel, spiralling down into a smaller size. It first appears in the story when it makes a contract with Baam allowing him to use shinsu.

Tower of God: Part 1

Position Test

The Administrator asked Baam what he was looking into so deeply. It then asked Baam if he wanted to make a contract or fight. When Baam replied that he wanted to make a contract the Administrator looked at him to see if he was worthy to use shinsu. It then said that he looked tasty, smirked at him, and formed a contract. After it was done making a contract the Administrator left with the cryptic comment:

"But remember ye who climbs The Tower, this is not your power but your shackle. Always remember."[2]

Last Examination

Later, Baam returned, asking the Administrator to prepare a test specifically for an Irregular. In exchange, the Administrator granted Baam's wish of letting the rest of the Regulars pass even if he himself failed the exam.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Three Orders

The 2nd Floor Administrator interrupted the fight between Evankhell, and the servants of Kallavan. The guardian shoots a laser beam looking as it would kill Evankhell and Yu Han Sung, but actually teleporting them to Karaka's Heart.[3]

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  • (To Evankhell) "Lord Evankhell. It's so noisy that I can't get any sleep. You've made a big mistake by disrupting my sleep with all this noise and stirring up trouble on the level you're supposed to be managing. As of today, you guys are- FIRED-!!"



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