28th res
The Twenty-Eighth Floor of the Tower. On this Floor, the residents live in tall, blue, skinny buildings that rise up into the sky. The windows are all of equal dimensions. Outside these buildings are craggy wastelands, yet the testing area in which Team Tangsooyook was in was abundant with flora and greenery.

There is also another kind of residential area that is the equivalent of the slums. This area is made up of tents, and is a place where Regulars are pushed out of sight of society for various reasons. The Hand of Arlen, once part of a great statue, is also located amidst the Tent Village.

Floor Officials

Plot Summary

Two years later, after passing the Floor test, Team Tangsooyook stumbles upon a photo of a person who looks similar to Horyang. The surprised man tells them that the person on the picture is Beniamino Cassano, his childhood friend and the real 'Devil of the Right Hand', and shares his backstory of them being the only survivors of the Workshop's experiments, becoming living Ignition Weapons and that the reason he started climbing again was to find him.

As the night falls, after questioning Viole, Horyang sets out to find Cassano who's supposed to be in the Tent Village. He's followed by Viole and the rest of the team afterwards, but they're not the only ones who's set their sights on the Devil of the Right Hand, as Koon, Ran and Novick embark from the 29th Floor to defeat the man who beat Hatsu.

28 tent res
Upon their arrival, the informant Xia Xia directs, first Horyang and later Viole whom she joins, to The Hand of Arlen. At the Hand, due to a misunderstanding, a fight breaks out between Horyang, Ran and Novick. Shortly after, in the inner building, Cassano joins the fray but after pretending to be beaten, he strikes the unsuspecting Horyang down. At that moment Viole arrives with Xia Xia behind his back. The angry Wave Controller, incited by Xia Xia's accusations and Novick's half-hearted confession, takes on both of them by himself. The cornered and surprised duo tells him that the real culprit is hiding under the crumbled wall.

When Koon arrives, Xia Xia pulls out a detonator, threatening to blow the whole place up. She informs Viole through her lighthouse that she's with FUG and if he doesn't go with them both Koon and Horyang shall die. Koon, who doesn't buy Viole's cliché villain act, asks him why is he letting them go since this trap was clearly designed for him.

As Viole, ignoring his question, turns around to leave, Ran and Novick step into action and attempt to secure the detonator, but are stopped by Viole's Fast Skip technique what surprises everyone around, especially Koon. Viole returns the detonator, quietly saying that if she pulls a stunt like this again, her fate will be death. In that moment, the crazy woman pushes the button, detonating all charges with a glorious speech about the birth of the new slayer.

Viole screams at Koon from behind the forming barrier to run away from this trap, but his friend, who's still paralysed by the shock of finding out that Viole is Baam, is caught up in the explosion. Afterwards Viole, who's vented his anger and sorrow on the suspendship, convinces both parties to join forces, secretly telling Ran that there's a possibility that Koon survived.

Meanwhile the rest of Team Tangsooyook arrives at the ruins of the Hand of Arlen and find the injured Koon at the place where Viole left his Pocket. After nursing him back to health, Koon and his saviours set out for the 29th Floor to find out what fate the rest of his team has met during the events at the Hand of Arlen...


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