The Twenty-Fifth Floor of the Tower is the Floor in which all of the buildings float in the sky above the clouds.[1] The Floor was used as the main setting of The Wool's Knot arc.

Floor Officials


The Floor has buildings and lodges floating in the sky above the clouds with the clouds forming a massive sea-like environment where marine Shinheuhs such as Flying Whale live.[2] The fog is thick on this floor and people use Seal, a type of Shinheuh, as a taxi service to travel from one place to another.[1] Houses were built above flower or leaves-like structure with a round shape and dome-like roof made of what appears to be a straw-like material.

However, not all parts of the floor are covered in clouds. For instance, Khun's Team was once shown training in a grass field full of rocks when they were on that floor.[3] There are also big structures and cafés built on the floor such as the High-o-Low Cafe where Khun Aguero Agnis met Edin Dan for the first time.

Notable Places

High☉Low Cafe

High-o-Low Cafe is the cafe where Khun met Dan for the first time and tricked him to join his team.

The Grass Field

The Grass Field is the place where Novick introduced Dan to other members of Team Khun and told the members to fight each others to determine their power rank

The Lodge Where Khun and Rachel Rested

The lodge is where Khun and Rachel rested while on that floor. It may also be the place where Khun told the team about his goal to become the head of the Khun Family and order the team to protect Rachel while hating her at the same time until the payback time.

Plot Summary

After the conversation with his teammate, Khun Aguero Agnis is ready for the meeting with the Scout Edin Dan whom he manages to trick into becoming his teammate. Back in their headquarters, Novick introduces Dan to his new teammates whilst Khun pays a visit to Rachel in her room, who is still faking paralysis.

During a flashback, it's revealed that both Khun and Leesoo know the truth about Baam's 'death' and Rachel's involvement, but until the time is right, for the sake of keeping the old team together, they both agree on keeping quiet about it. As the night falls, the whole team's gathered in Khun's room as he reveals their purpose of becoming a fence to protect and ultimately abandon the person who killed his most important friend.



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