Tower of god 25th floor

25th Floor at night

The Twenty-Fifth Floor of the Tower. It is a Floor in which all of the buildings float in the sky above the clouds. People use Shinheuh to travel from one building in the sky to the next. The Floor also contains fairly big structures and cafés.

Floor Officials

Plot Summary


Residential zone

After the conversation with his teammate, Koon Aguero Agnis is ready for the meeting with the Scout Edin Dan whom he manages to trick into becoming his teammate. Back in their headquarters, Nobic introduces Dan to his new teammates whilst Koon pays a visit to Rachel in her room, who is still faking paralysis.

During a flashback it's revealed that both Koon and Leesoo know the truth about Baam's 'death' and Rachel's involvement, but until the time is right, for the sake of keeping the old team together, they both agree on keeping quiet about it. As the night falls, the whole team's gathered in Koon's room as he reveals their purpose of becoming a fence to protect and ultimately abandon the person who killed his most important friend.


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