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The Twenty-First Floor of the Tower is also known as the "White Cichlid" Floor. This floor was owned by the Yeon Family. The floor's name is "Cichlid", which also the sobriquet of Yeon Hana, the head of Yeon Family.


It is unknown whether the 21st Floor have any land environment or not, but there is a vast ocean located near the borderline of Inner Tower.[1] The inhabitants reside in large floating structure. This massive floating structure contain Regular Residential Areas and shopping districts. The name of the Floor suggests that White Cichlid might be a Shinheuh that haven't been shown in the story.


Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

FUG (arc)

One month after The Trustworthy Room test ended, Team Tangsooyook reside in the 21st Floor Regular Resident Area. Yeon Yihwa met with Ryua where they have conversation about bad rumors surrounding the FUG Slayer Candidate Jyu Viole Grace. After the meeting, Yihwa is determined to prove the bad rumors and reveal Viole's evil nature.[2] She then followed Viole into a karaoke bar where she met Hwa Ryun and Ha Jinsung, members of FUG. They eventually settle on moving their conversation to Viole's lodging. When Jinsung stops rambling and leaves for the roof to meet Viole, Hwa Ryun privately told Ja Wangnan that Team Tangsooyook was lucky as she reveals that Jinsung was sent here to kill all of them.[3] She also tells him the reason Viole, the Irregular, became FUG's Slayer candidate - if he refuses to cooperate or fails a test, one of his old friends dies. Late at night, Wangnan meets up with Viole to tell him, that he as his friend wouldn't mind dying for him and that they'll definitely pass the test.[4]

Zygaena's Flower (arc)

Four days later in the testing arena, due to the absence of the opposing team, the Test Administrator Noma decided to change Team Tangsooyook test to Zygaena's Flower Test where they have to enter inside the body of Shinheuh called Zygaena. The objective is to recover the rare Zygaena's Flower. It turns out that the 4th strongest man in the Tower, Urek Mazino also seek to collect the flower, Urek then reveals that Team Tangsooyook was fooled and probably been sent here to die. Urek told them to give up on this flower test. When Viole refuses to give up, Urek proposes a race for the flower. During the encounter, Viole sustains heavy injuries while shielding Yeo Miseng, but also manages to graze Urek's cheek, which picked Urek's interest. Their fight ends when Urek takes the flower that Miseng was chasing and gives Team Tangsooyook the flower he was holding previously, instead leaving with the Baby Zygaena. In the aftermath of this event, Team Tangsooyook resolves to follow their own path along with Viole, who's still recovering from his injuries, to find Viole's old friends in the The Workshop Battle which will be held two years from then on on the 30th Floor. At the same time, the Slayer Karaka appears, doubting his master's methods and then ordered one of his underling Poken to gather some trustworthy Regulars to keep an eye on Viole's teammates.


Sea or Ocean

The Sea or Ocean is located near the 21st floor Inner Tower borderline. This is the area where the Zygaena's Flower Test was held.[1]


  • Regulars Residential Area: is a huge red building used as the residential area for the Regulars. The wall of this building were labeled with numbers to differentiate the sections. Each numbered section has its own elevators.
  • Marketplace (와인잔, Wain Jan): is an area on the 2nd Floor where the Submerged Fish Test is held.

Notes and Trivia

  • This Floor was owned by the Yeon Family. The floor's name is "Cichlid", which also the sobriquet of Yeon Hana, the Yeon Family Head.
  • Cichlid are a family of fish.[5]


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