The Twenty-First Floor of the Tower is also known as the White Cichlid Floor. A Floor in the sky, inhabitants reside in large floating buildings. Buildings contain residential areas for Regulars and shopping districts. The name of the Floor suggests that White cichlid is a Shinheuh.

Floor Officials

Plot Summary

21st floor marketplace


It's been a month since the new Slayer candidate appeared. While Team Tangsooyook is waiting for the Floor test, Yihwa, bent on revealing Viole's true evil nature, follows him into a karaoke bar where he's supposed to rendezvous with Hwa Ryun and Ha Jinsung, members of FUG. They eventually settle on moving their conversation to Viole's lodging. When Jinsung stops rambling and leaves for the roof, Hwa Ryun tells Wangnan that they're lucky as she reveals that Jinsung was sent here to kill them. She also tells him the reason Viole, the Irregular, became FUG's Slayer candidate - if he refuses to cooperate or fails a test, one of his old friends dies. Late at night, Wangnan meets up with Viole to tell him, that he as his friend wouldn't mind dying for him and that they'll definitely pass the test.

Four days later in the testing arena, due to the absence of the opposing team their test is moved inside the great Shinheuh Zygaena. The team's objective is to recover the rare Zygaena's Flower before Zygaena submerges again. Things get complicated with the appearance of Urek Mazino, who, holding a flower in his hand, reveals that they've probably been sent here to die and tells them to leave and give up on the flower. When Viole refuses to give up, Mazino proposes a race for the flower. During the encounter, Viole sustains heavy injuries while shielding Miseng, but also manages to graze Mazino's cheek, which piques Mazino's interest. Their fight ends when Mazino takes the flower that Miseng was chasing and gives Team Tangsooyook the flower he was holding previously, instead leaving with Zygaena's baby.

21st floor sea

Sea at the Inner Tower Borderline

In the aftermath of those events, Team Tangsooyook resolves to follow their own path along with Viole, who's still recovering from his injuries, to find Viole's friends in the Workshop Battle which will be held two years from then on on the 30th Floor. At the same time, the Slayer Karaka, doubting his master's methods, orders Poken to gather some trustworthy Regulars to keep an eye on Viole's teammates and, if ordered, to kill them.

Notes and Trivia

  • The name of the Floor is nearly identical to the sobriquet of Yeon Hana, "Cichlid".
  • Cichlids are a family of fish.


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