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The Twentieth Floor is an important point in the Tower. From this Floor onwards, Regulars are given the right to reside within the Middle Area while taking or retaking their tests. On the earlier Floors, they likely sleep in dormitories within the Inner Tower.

If they give up while climbing the Tower, they have the right to continue residing in the Middle Area either by themselves or with their families.

As this is also the Floor where Regulars are chosen again, there is a massive increase in difficulty on this Floor. Many Regulars go bankrupt paying testing fees needed to retake the test multiple times. Some Regulars get themselves in trouble with loan sharks by borrowing money to retake the test after their failures.

Due to the high difficulty in the tests and small number of Regulars who pass, the 20th Floor is also known as "The needle hole to heaven" and Regulars who pass get recognition and obtain E-rank Regular status.

Floor Officials

Great Family that the Floor belongs to: Unknown
Symbol 20th floor

Symbol of the Great Family that owns the 20th Floor

Plot Summary

After having failed the Floor test again, Ja Wangnan gets a visit from the loan sharks. Refusing to give up on the climb, Lurker gives him one last chance. Later, in the first part of the test, after stepping out of the elevator he finds a man with long hair in a ponytail, clad in dark clothing, standing over three defeated Regulars. Wangnan, realizing that he shouldn't mess with that guy, decides to make a truce with him and a bunch of new characters who're soon joining them. Things heat up with the arrival of Hon Akraptor, who starts a vote to drop one person which is soon interrupted as the mysterious figure stands up and attacks him. During the battle royale, seeing that they're outmatched by the Wave Controller the remaining Regulars join forces to survive against him. When the test finally ends, the man injured by one of Wangnan's weaker bombs and healed by a red exoskeleton simply walks into the elevator, soon followed by the others. As they're waiting for the arrival of the other groups, the dark clad man is hinted to be Baam.

When all the Regulars are gathered, the Test Administrator Mule Love starts a Shinsoo competition to determine the Regulars who'll pass to the final test. After the dark clad man wins by a large margin, he's to pick 7 Regulars who'll be advancing with him. In spite of all their pleas he asks the administrator to fail everyone because nobody there is qualified to be on his team. After the angry Yeon Yihwa's outburst, he introduces himself as Jyu Viole Grace, Slayer candidate of FUG who lives for Zahard's demise, which shocks every bystander.

Love, refusing to give in to his request, proposes a game and sends everyone to take a little time off while the test's being prepared. The most significant event of the Bath arc is the encounter between Wangnan and Viole as the latter gives back the ring with the symbol of Zahard engraved into it back to his owner, advising to take better care of his possessions. As everyone's resting in their beds, the lights on the remotes turn on and the rules of the next game are announced.

While everyone's rushing to conquer or ally themselves with the other rooms, Viole faces Love in a battle for his remote which would allow him to win the game thus failing the other Regulars. In the meantime, Lurker's plan to overthrow Prince and Nia's part in this betrayal are revealed.

When Lurker betrays and murders Nia, Wangnan, blinded by his anger, seeks out Viole and helps him claim the remote from the administrator in return for his help against Lurker. After saving Yihwa and Prince and the revelation of Horyang's real powers, with Viole's help Wangnan finally manages to corner Lurker, but ultimately decides to forgive him for Nia's sake. When Viole later asks why he did it, he answers that because he too wants to be forgiven.

After the word about the incredible new Slayer candidate gets out, on a different Floor Koon converses with his teammate...