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The First Floor, also known as the Headon's Floor, is the Floor where the Irregulars are tested by Headon. The only resident of this floor is Headon.[2]


The First Floor doesn't have any Test Admins and Ruler, because in normal circumstances, no one can get into this Floor. Regulars only take tests directly from the 2nd Floor.[1] Because there is no Ranker to provide Tests, Irregulars will take the "Administrator's Test" which is gruelling and immensely difficult. It is used to assess the qualities of the Irregular and to determine if they are qualified to pass to the next Floor. The Administrator's test reflects the "worth of the things"[3] the Irregular wishes to gain from the Tower and in essence, their desires.[4]


Tower of God: Part 1

Headon's Floor

Twenty-Fifth Baam awakened on the First Floor of the Tower where he encountered Headon, the Administrator of the 1st Floor. Headon welcomed Baam and decided to test him with Ball Test. In this test, Baam has to either fight or evade White Steel Eel while trying to pop the black ball in the middle of the cage. Before the test begin, Princess Ha Yuri Zahard and Evan Edrok interfered with the test because Yuri wanted to help Baam because he is cute. Initially, Baam can't understand their language, so Evan proceed to gave Baam the A-Rank Pocket. Yuri warned Headon that the test was too difficult for Baam, and she suspecting that Headon intentionally increased the difficulty, but Headon refused to change the test saying this is necessary to test the Irregular's power. However, he did agree to bend the rules and allowed Yuri to lend Baam the Black March to help him pass the test.

Baam managed to get past the White Steel Eel by letting it swallow him and then stabbing it in the tongue. Consequently, he punctured the ball with the Black March. When the ball turned out to be tougher than expected, he popped it by Igniting the Black March, much to Yuri's surprise. Headon deems this reason enough to allow Baam to pass to the 2nd Floor, and leaves Yuri to retrieve the Black March on her own. Once they have left, he speaks to a "child" who had been watching the proceedings to that point. It is later revealed that Rachel entered the First Floor before Baam did and was offered the exact same test, which she refused. When Baam entered after her, it is her that was watching him from the shadows. After Baam ascends to the next Floor, Headon agrees to make her deal so that she could be the heroine of the story.

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Notes and Trivia

  • According to SIU, "the murals" on the First Floor foreshadow the whole story of the Tower of God (series).[5][6]
  • Mural of old man with crown
  • Mural of a beast that looks like Rak Wraithraiser
  • Mural of a creature-like butterfly(?) insect.
  • Mural of a woman with an object behind her back that looks similar to Armor Inventory.
  • Mural of a man and a woman.
  • Mural of a flower which looks oddly identical to the Flower Stone Monument dedicated for Dowon at the first Wall of Peaceful Coexistence.[7]
  • There are no Test Admins and Ruler in this Floor because in normal circumstances, no one can get into the First floor. Regulars only take tests directly from the Second Floor. So only Baam took the test in the First Floor.[1]



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