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We are the 13 month series, a weapon created by a pledge. Until the day when our true master appears and we become one, we promise to continue the destiny of blood and the curse... This is a cursed power. We will dance as we wait for that day.

—Chanting from Black March and Green April as they both ignite [1]

The Thirteen Month Series (13월 시리즈, 13 wol shirijeu; or "13 moon series") consists of an Arms Inventory and 12 sentient Ignition Weapons made by craftsmaster, Ashul Edwaru. They are bestowed by King Zahard to a former Princess, making their symbolic significance greater than any other item or weapon in the Tower.[2][3].


It is said that the Thirteen Month Series were made from materials provided by Zahard.[4] These weapons also vary in shape and function, for instance, the Black March is a Needle and the Green April is a Hook. The Golden November is the only S-rank among the Thirteen Month Series, while the Rainbow Undecimber, an Inventory item, is the only non-weapon of the series.

The 13 Ignition Weapons, when ignited by the user, release vast amounts of power. It is said that only a formal Princess is supposed to be able to ignite a 13 Month Series,[5] though Regulars such as Anak Zahard and Twenty-Fifth Baam have proven this to be untrue.

Depending on the weapon's personality, it may refuse to listen to its owner no matter how skilled they are. Because of this, it is impossible to force a 13 Month Series to ignite against its will. Once such case arose when Baam managed to ignite Black March while its owner Yuri Zahard had been unable to do the same despite being a formal Princess. When weapons of the 13 Month Series are in close proximity to each other, they will resonate and their owners can feel it.[6]

It is revealed by Garam Zahard on the 43rd Floor that when the Thirteen Month Series are combined together, they would form half of the Key of the Tower that will unlock the floors beyond the 134th Floor. She claims that the day Zahard announced that he would stop climbing the tower, he split the Key into two parts. He gave the first half of the Key to the blacksmith Ashul Edwaru, who melted half of the Key and turned them into the 13 Months, which Zahard then made the princesses fight over.[7]


According to Garam Zahard, The 13 Month Series were split up amongst Zahard and his 12 companions.[8] At first, they were intended to be shared between King Zahard himself and his 12 most trusted companions to help him to safeguard the key. These 12 companions are:


However, when two of Zahard's companions, Arlen Grace and V later, declared war against him, Zahard immediately cancelled the sharing of the 13 Months Series.

Many years after the great war between Zahard against Arlen Grace and V ended, Po Bidau Gustang, one of Zahard's companions, who had become family leader of one of the 10 Great Families, proposed the creation of Zahard's Princesses system. This system forced the princesses to compete against each other and fight over the 13 Months Series, to prove themselves as "worthy" to become "Acknowledged Princesses." The official purpose of this bloody contest is to declare whichever princess collects all 13 months as Zahard's wife and bear his child, but the reality of the princess system is much darker. It is later revealed by Garam that Zahard would use any means necessary to prevent any princesses from gathering all the 13 months.[8] It seems that Zahard has absolutely no intention on marrying a princess, and only agreed to this proposal because it would help him keep the 13 months in the hands of the Zahard Empire, ensuring their safety from the wrong hands.

In order to continue the contest indefinitely, Zahard employed a few tactics to prevent any princess from gathering all 13 months. One such method is the intervention of the Ghost of the 13 Months. The Ghost was apparently a former first generation princess candidate who failed in the initial selection stage. The ghost resented the other princesses and made a deal with King Zahard to seep into the spirit of 13 months and torment the princesses. The ghost would steal and take control of the bodies of those who ignited more than two of the 13 months and make them do her bidding. When the princesses are possessed, they went on a rampage. Zahard would then make their "rampage" an excuse to execute and kill the princesses, which has resulted in the death of over five princesses to this method. The ghost cannot possess the princess' body for a long time, limiting her possession to only one week.[8] The first generation of Zahard's princesses were all consumed by this evil magic and ended up hating and killing one another.[9]

Receiving a 13 Month Series

A Princess who has climbed the Tower and become a Ranker might be chosen to become a formal Princess, also called a "chosen Princess".[10] Only such Princesses are eligible to receive a 13 Month Series,[10] as they has proven their ability by climbing the Tower.

Rules Binding a Princess

When a formal Princess accepts one of the Series, she must abide by a set of rules:

  1. She may not give or even lend a 13 Month Series to another person, otherwise they may be viable for execution by Zahard.[11]
  2. A Princess may own more than one weapon from the 13 Month Series, such as Yuri Zahard or Garam Zahard.
  3. A Princess can refuse a weapon from the 13 Month Series. Heice Zahard, upon becoming a Ranker, was presented with a 13 Month Series, but she turned it down for unknown reasons.

List of Weapons & Current Owners

The following consist of a list of the 13 Month Series, along with their previous and current owners. [12][13]

13 Months Series
Name Weapon Type Rank Owner
Silver January Unknown Unknown An Zahard
White February Unknown Unknown Unknown ownerEnne Zahard → None
Black March Needle B-rank Yuri ZahardTwenty-Fifth BaamAnak ZahardAndrossi ZahardYuri ZahardTwenty-Fifth Baam
Green April Hook B-rank Anak Zahard (original)Anak ZahardYuri Zahard
Yellow May Unknown Unknown Maschenny Zahard
Luminous June Sword Unknown Alphid Zahard
Indigo July Unknown Unknown Yuram ZahardGaram Zahard
Blue August Unknown Unknown Garam Zahard
Dark September Unknown Unknown Unknown
Red October Sword Unknown Hagipherione Zahard
Golden November Unknown S-rank Adori Zahard
Colourless DecemberSealed Unknown Unknown Enne ZahardSealed
Rainbow Undecimber Inventory
Type unknown
Unknown None

Notes and Trivia

  • The 13 Month Series all have their names engraved on them. The engraving is in Japanese, because their creator Ashul Edwaru uses a language based on Japanese.[14] SIU made it clear there is no significance behind this, as Chinese, Arabic and other languages are also used throughout Tower of God.[3]
  • The 13 Month Series is actually based on the lunar calendar where all months are based on moons.
  • According to Random Webtoon Fan, the Princess who collects them all would be granted the right to bear Zahard's child.[15] This has been revealed to be their official first purpose.[9]
  • Although 2 of Zahard's 12 companions rebelled once he decided to stop climbing the tower, the other 10 stayed loyal and became the heads of the 10 Great Families.[16]
  • In a blog post for the 28th floor, SIU mentions that "The 13 Month Series play a big role later on. Of course, it's a little early for them to make their appearance."[17]
  • While the 13 Months certainly are powerful, their importance comes more from their special meanings rather than their raw strength. After all, even wielding them is a privilege only a select few have.[18]
  • There are many other Ignition weapons apart from the 13 Month Series, and many Rankers use Ignition weapons as their primary weapon. And, while the 13 Month Series are good items, but they are not the best in the tower.[19]
  • Some of the color and month combinations may be references to other media such as The Hunt for Red October.



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