The 10 Great Warriors[1], also known as the 10 Great Family Heads in modern Tower society, are incredibly powerful warriors who entered and conquered the Tower along with the Great King Zahard. They are all technically Irregulars, but they are not considered so.


The 10 Great Warriors are the founders and heads of the 10 Great Families, thus possessing great political power as well as great combat prowess. They are among the strongest Rankers in the Tower, and some of them are even ranked as high as within the Top 10 High Rankers.

It is worth noting that Zahard and the 10 Great Warriors were not alone when they climbed the Tower. They had helpers, including Grace Mirchea Luslec and Quadrado.

SIU said that the 10 Family heads are people who were there before the ranking system was implemented, so their actual battle abilities are difficult to estimate.

He also commented on their invincibility, stating that the Family Heads have little reason to fear FUG unlike the members of their respective Families. However, even they start to get a bit concerned when a FUG Slayer emerges.[2]

The Warriors (currently known, in order of rank)

  1. Arie Hon
  2. Khun Eduan
  3. Ha Yurin
  4. Tu Perie Tperie
  5. Eurasia Blossom
  6. Po Bidau Gustang
  7. Hendo Lok Bloodmadder
  8. Yeon Hana
  9. Ari Han
  10. Lo Po Bia Family Head

Hidden Warriors

  1. Arlen Grace
  2. V


  • According to Garam Zahard, there were originally 12 companions that accompanied Zahard but two of them, Grace Arlen and V, rebelled once Zahard decided to stop climbing and become King. However, Arie Hon, Khun Eduan, Ha Yurin, Tu Perie Tperie, Eurasia Blossom, Po Bidau Gustang, Hendo Lok Bloodmadder, Yeon Hana, Ari Han, and the Lo Po Bia Family Head remained on Zahard's side. Following the aftermath of the civil war, all public records of the conflict and the two's existence were suppressed.
  • Only two of the Great Warriors, V and Hendo Lok Bloodmadder, did not obtain the immortality contract that was rewarded by the Guardian of the 100th Floor. The exact reason for these exclusions are not known.


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