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The 10 Great Families (위대한 가문, 偉大한 家門 widaehan gahmoon, "Great Family") are the families formed by the 10 Great Warriors who first came into the Tower with Zahard. They are part of the Ruling Class in the Tower and their members are often extremely powerful, blessed with the power of their forefathers. Just as Zahards are considered Royals, 10 Great Family members are considered Nobles.

Another interesting point about these 10 Great Families is that a few selected daughters of the families tends to have the chance to become a Zahard's Princesses and gain enormous authority in the Tower.

Most children of the 10 Families usually live in the "Suspended Castles" until they are chosen to become Regulars.[1] Children who are not chosen to climb the Tower settle down in the Middle Area or help around in their family's Suspended Castles, although they are discriminated compared to those who come back as Regulars or Rankers.[1] Because of their lineage, most children tends to be more powerful and skilled among the ordinary residents of the Tower. Among the children of the great families, those of direct descendency from the head of the house's own blood is frequently considered gifted, but direct descendants aren't always better.[2] Although childrens from the 10 Families seem to have bountiful and happy lives on the surface, the competition is fierce among them. Also if they are male, they have a low survival rate (Females have the possibility of becoming a Zahard princess and are thus more valuable) [3]

As the 10 Great Families rule most of the Floors at the Tower, the Middle Area's residents make several altars dedicated to the Ruler of the Floor. Such altars are usually located at the highest point in the region.[1]

Note: If a Family head or house head (가주, 家主 gahjoo) has multiple wives or husbands, then there will be a main family and branch families. The Koon Family, notably, has the most branch families.


Ari Family

This family is led by Ari Han (not to be mistaken for Arie Hon).

Arie Family

The Arie family is headed by Arie Hon (not to be mistaken for Ari Han). Arie Hon stays at the 100th Floor of the Tower as the head of Arie Family and his territory is the largest of the 10 Great Families. This family is also famous for its prowess in swordsmanship.

Eurasia Family

This family is well known for their ability to manipulate Shinsoo and for producing one of the strongest Princesses of Zahard to date, Eurasia Enne Zahard. This family is led by Eurasia Blossom.

Ha Family

This family is one of the 10 Great Families, it is led by Ha Yurin. The well-known Princess and High Ranker, Ha Yuri Zahard, comes from this family. This family is blessed with incredible physical strength.

Hendo Lok Family

This family is led by Hendo Lok Bloodmadder. All members of this family except Bloodmadder have short lifespans due to a pact that Bloodmadder made with a Guardian in exchange for eternal life. However, this family has the greatest number of children out of the 10 Families. This family has the fewest Rankers and the least influence in the Tower among the 10 Great Families.

Koon Family

This family is headed by Koon Eduan. Koon Eduan has the greatest number of wives and the second-greatest number of children out of the 10 Families. There is a lot of veiled competition among his children and too much competition has created the 'official' fights, held once a year, after which the winners are decided to be his true children and the losers are abandoned. This family is famous for its cunning intelligence.

Lo Po Bia Family

The Lo Po Bia Family is led by Lo Po Bia Yasratcha. This family is known for their Anima.

Po Bidau Family

The Po Bidau Family is headed by Po Bidau Gustang. This family is famous for its Research Association.

Tu Perie Family

This family is led by Tu Perie Tperie. This family is known for Light Bearing.

Yeon Family

This family is led by Yeon Hana. None of the 'descendants' of this family actually possess Hana's blood, as Hana is a virgin. All descendants are actually the children of Ilarde, known as the 'godmother'. This family is known for its female members' tendency to look down on men.


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