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Huge Enemy was an unnamed character that was introduced in "Deathmatch" Test, he was later given the epithet of "Huge Enemy" in the credits of the Anime. He was a Regular that was killed in the first test by Khun.

Appearance and Personality

He is a huge red skinned humanoid creature with four arms, two of which he wields swords in. He has the same appearances with Jääskel, but different skin color. They are probably belong to the same species. He is also bald with black eyes.

He is easily angered, as Khun's provocations are highly effective.[1]

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Evankhell's Hell

He approaches Khun, who asks him why "Enemy" is trying to kill him. "Enemy" responds that it is part of the test, which disappoints Khun, calling "Enemy" simpleton. This provokes "Enemy" to attack Khun, which Khun manages to block with his Briefcase. Khun then explains his goal of gathering allies, but concludes that "Enemy" is not even worth dominating. Khun then kills "Enemy", leaving him in a pool of his own black blood.

Notes and Trivia

  • His interaction with Khun was cut short in the Anime, with a lot of his dialogue being moved to the second episode and it being changed to happening between Baam and Khun instead.[1]



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