Spear Bearer (창지기, changjigi) is the Position that snipes the opponent and backs up the Fishermen using Spears. Spear Bearers comprise the long range offence of the team.


Spear Bearers do not tend to be very powerful in a melee, but are very valuable due to their pinpoint attacking from a distance. Some carry Needles when in the front, bearing the possibility of a melee in mind, but most don't. They carry inventories, specially created for holding spears, called Pipes which are quite heavy. They are basically divided into two types, the Short-distance type, who use their spears to hit enemy weak points in the midst of a battle, and the Long-distance type, who snipe from far away. The role of a Spear Bearer is to provide backup for the Fishermen by keeping up a constant attack on the enemy's weak points.

With support of Lighthouse, an accomplished Spear Bearer is able to throw a spear tens of kilometres away. The Lighthouse has a feature which can adjust and guide the trajectory of the spear.

Basic Arming (Ranker)

Known Spear Bearers



Failed Regulars

Alternate Translations

  • Spear Keeper


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